#55 Scene 1 Forgive Me Father, Richie a Preachers Son Finds Heaven in New York -

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A Preacher's son from down south, finds heaven in New York City...Scene from Forgive Me Father.  Richie comes from the south, a proper southern family as you will here when he talks. His father is a Preacher and his mother teaches religion class on Sundays.  I can’t make this shit up, truth is stranger than fiction.  He told his Father he was flying north to experience New York City, to take in the sites.  What he really meant is he was going underground, not on the subway, but for our cameras. Richie a popular athlete and college jock viewed our websites and found he wants to show off his dick and blow a load while everyone watches.  He talks to you, shows off a bit, pisses in the bath tub, takes a shower and soaps up a boner.  Then, kicks back and cranks out a big load that will have you say “Amen”.  

Some guys, especially the ones that fight that sexual need for something a little different need a safe, secure trusting place to explore that urge and a rebel against repressive parents, girlfriends, wives, careers and society in general.  Richie like many others here found peace and comfort with The Muscle Mafia.

Shit Happens: You will hear me say this all the time. #55 Scenes 1, 2 and 3 completely unplanned, just fell into place. Richie, Jordan and Zac all had something in common but none knew each other and each shot with me at different times over the coarse of a year. After all the scenes were shot and I was going through their emails and video footage with me I saw a pattern emerge.  All were suppressed, bored and needed an outlet to explore some sexual fantasies and express their alter egos without the fear or guilt of their high profile and prominent fathers finding out. I have learned since that there are many others like them. That is why it was obvious these 3 "sons" needed to be part of the same series which I appropriately named "Forgive Me Father.  


Watch other scenes from Forgive Me Father with rebellious horny sons Jordan a Politician's son in Scene 2, and Zac, a Police Captain's son getting jerked off by Mario in Scene 3.

Zac comes back for a blow job months later in #65 Zac Worshipped and Seduced!

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Just what I love to watch! Very sexy and athletic guys showing off incognito! Very hot to watch these "innocent" guys getting dirty behind closed doors