#53 Christmas Wish 2009, Matt Gives and Adam Receives -

Approx Run Time: 44 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 33


Matt and Adam fuck fans went nuts for this Christmas Wish release and went nuts again with the more recent MEGA HIT Matt and Adam fuck release #84 Matt and Adam Summer Fuck!

The Bromance Began... This is a little piece of musclematt history in how "shit happens" around here. For all fans of Matt and Adam fucking, the man to thank is Stan, a long time friend of mine and musclematt.com and a major supporter who first "encouraged" Adam to allow Matt to fuck him. Stan saw the chemestry, noticed Adam would want it and put in his wish for Christmas in 2009.  Stan's wish was granted and the wish of all Matt and Adam fans when this movie hit our theaters.  It broke the ice for Matt and Adam and kick an already brewing hot steamy Matt and Adam "Bromance" into high gear!

Stan Preps Adam's Ass..Stan attacked Adam’s ass, cock and balls like a pit bull.  He Gave Adam a metal cock ring specifically for this movie.  Stan made the best of every single second of his fantasy and Christmas wish by yanking, jerking, sucking, licking and stroking Adam’s cock and now famous low hanging bull balls.  He started out gentle, but was on a mission to stretch Adam’s ass in preparation for his ultimate wish, to coach and help direct buddies Matt and Adam in an exploration and experimental film of Matt giving Adam every inch of his hard 8. Stan was extremely happy to have inspired and help produce a film that was never ever a thought or a mention here until Stan proposed it.   It wasn't easy, and it took some time but Stan's wish was granted; Call me Santa again this year! Several hours of video has been edited down to almost an hour which is now DVD #53.

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Comments: 3

One of the great highlights of this scene ~ among many ~ is seeing the way that stud Matt enjoys fucking. Gosh his body and prick were made to dominate!!! His verbal is also AWESOME! When he finishes long- dicking his buddy Adam's tight hole, he pulls his cock out of that musclebutt and while jacking it orders Stan ~ waiting with tongue outstrethced on Adam's hole ~ to "taste it" as he let's loose a torrent f thick jizz!!! Matt, you are one amazing stud....and that cumshot alone is worth the price of admission! HOT, buddy!
We enjoy the tradition of the bros having their celebratory holiday champagne to toast another year of success together while welcoming Stan a supportive member of the "brotherhood" who is having his wish granted. It is fantastic to see Stan ~ clearly a stand up guy ~ enjoy the chance to witness the, direct and even receive the "blessings" that muscle gods Matt and Adam have to offer. He enjoys their muscled bodies, has the chance to eat Adam's round beefy ass, tongue his hole and tug on his legendary bull balls...all while receiving supportive but firm direction from the Boss who always provides exceptional leadership. Aside from the great camraderie among these four straight bros ~ the Boss, Matt, Adam and Christmas wish grantee Stan ~ the phenomenal element that makes this scene worthy of its "most watched" status is the wish itself ~ seeing Matt fuck his bro Adam up the ass!These muscle studs clearly have great regard for and trust in each other; and this is evident by the way Adam proceeds to the doggie position lifting his bubblebutt in the air so Matt can thrust his hard cock in and out of his willing jockpussy. This is not degrading or abuse but a real connection between bros who understand the significance of muscle admiration between straight men...even hearing Adam say how "good it feels" to be pounded by his bro sounds authentic! This hot scenario ends with Stan hungrily swallowing Adam's swollen prick ~ those huge nuts highlighted by the silver cockring Stan gave him for Christmas ~ and Stan basking in the freedom that this discreet Muscle Mafia experience offers licking the head of Adam's precum dripping tool....jerking Adam's penis ~ wedding band proudly shown ~ ready to receive the "blessing" of Adam's thick ropes of muscle spooge in his mouth.Yes! It is totally possible for a married man to enjoy the benefits and blessing of muscle "brotein"....AND for two straight muscle gods to engage in a hot session..all thanks to the Boss!
This is really a great video because Matt get a big muscular guy to make happy and Matt did make Adam happy. Love seeing a big muscle guy getting fucked by another muscle guy. Seeing all that muscle getting worked over is pure heaven for someone that loves muscle the way I do and when it is Master Matt in charge it is really special. Here is an alpha male letting another alpha male fuck his brains out and we get to enjoy every minute of it. Love watching that ass of Matt's in action when he is pounding someone.....love that ass of Matt's.