Matt's Cum Glazed Cheerios, Breakfast of Champions -

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The Buddy System

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The Benefits of Swallowing a Healthy Load, Alpha-Male SUPER-SPERM...This was a special request from a Muscle Matt fan who at the time was a new fan, and 80+ films later he is still a fan of Matt's dick and cum shots. He was inspired by very early blog posts where I mentioned that cum of a healthy athlete whose diet is high in vitamins and protein and whose body processes high levels of nutrients and supplements  has an unusually healthy cum shot.  This fan, who asked not to be mentioned, wanted a unique way to taste Matt's rich, thick high protein loads and asked me (Carlo) to figure out how I would go about doing that and would I film it for him to have with his bag of treats. 

Cum Glazed Cheerios Goes Public...This fan was more than generous to both Matt and me so I let my creative alpha-male and sometimes sick mind go to work. We decided that Matt would crank one out into a bag of Cheerios and he loved it!!. This fan got his package and his DVD and was so happy that he decided he wanted us to share this very hot scene with everyone at and release it one DVD and eventually when our movies went online it was added to the catalog of Muscle Matt Classics in the theaters. 

Matt’s Balls Become a Sperm Producing Factory…  We started a trend and a fad that at the time had many asking lots of questions. After its release and its announcement on the site, requests for cum glazed Cheerios poured in; who knew! Matt was like a cum producing, cum shooting machine cranking out loads and cranking out bags of Cheerios glazed with Muscle Matt Cum; 80+ and counting films later fans who want to taste a Matt load still request this specially made snack, including the original fan who inspired this whole thing in the first place.  He still needs his fix for a muscle matt load!

Brotein, Ask for it by Name...Fast forward to present day, stud cum and super sperm requests from not only Matt but myself, Brad, Adam and other crew members are pretty regular.  Some were filmed most were not, but throughout the entire catalog of films there are milkings, feedings and stud juice extractions from various crew members, the most recent is #83 A Brotein Shake where Matt and Adam mix theirs up in a high protein, high stud octane cocktail for Travis. 

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Excluding the various screens of text at the beginning, this video comes out to about 7 minutes and 40 seconds, so definitely one of the shorter videos on this site. Even so, it's a tantalizing idea for a video. A fan of Matt's wanted a taste of Matt's cum, so Matt prepares some Honey Nut Cheerios, with some extra nut of his own making. Watching this video, you can't help but be a little envious of the fan who presumably chowed down on this protein-enhanced breakfast. Of course, the studies showing the benefits of consuming semen are very preliminary (it's possible, but unproven, that semen could help improve mood) and in order to see a noticeable nutritional benefit, you'd have to consume a pretty large amount. Still, every little bit counts I guess, and watching this video definitely makes it tempting to ask your gym buddies for a brotein shake after the workout. Frankly, if they're down for a brojob, it's a win-win situation. Watching this video, it's pretty easy to see why the trend of requesting loads from Matt and the other guys on this site started up. Just take a look at Matt's physique, and it's pretty easy to think that chugging down his brotein shakes post-workout would help you sculpt your own muscles to match.