#213 Tucker Wants More, A Special Release -

Approx Run Time: 39 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Now #213: This video was recorded by special request and partially financed by a long time loyal fan, one of our most beloved.  At the time it was not number and like others not orginally set for release.  However unlike those, I decided to release this film, which has now become #213.  Originally it was recorded for this supporter and posted to a private location for him as a super VIP.  He saw it first before it is released to the movie catalog.

3 Camera Shoot!: 3 different angles capture Tucker, giving Boss (me Carlo) total cock and body worship starting at my toes.  You will notice that Tucker is a unique guy, yes a bit flamboyant but very eager and a funny guy that added some humor to the film.  You will see that the more he drinks the more relaxed and more flamboyant he becomes, but also more willing.  

Feet, Breed, Piss: He sucks my toes, sucks my dick, and lets me bend him over on the bed so I can rail him and breed him.  Then after that, I put him in the shower and unload piss all over his face and in his mouth.   He wanted more, more of everything.

If you like him and want him back for more, leave a review, comment.  Ejoy the film!

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Comments: 2

Extremely hot watching you fuck. Maybe tucker could drink less next time and not slur his words, but if a big fat dick like yours was coming at me I might need to be have a few drinks to take it. woof!
Thanks for releasing this my Boss! Damn you can fuck! Tucker was just your total bitch in this you used him like he was born to be used. He loves your dick, very hot to see. Btw your back is huge, strong stud!