#99 Full Command, Jason Cock Sucker on Call -

Approx Run Time: 46 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 83


So The Story Goes… Jason is the Cock Sucker on Call in this Boss Cam release!  But before he became well known to all of you as the Boss Bong piss drinking cock sucker who got SLAMMED, bruised and battered by Kyle in #79 and taught a few things in #78 Cock Sucker Academy 3 Jason we first broken in by a random wake up call from me, Carlo, after one of my intense hard core workouts; this is that film.

Wizardry...You will remember when I first interviewed Jason “Jason Speaks” on page 2 of the Tour section on the Theaters Home Page, he said I could probably get him to do anything!! Well apparently by his Best Selling list of films he’s made with us, he was right and I have! This one is no different.

Full Command!… The appropriate title for a real, raw, unplanned speed dial call to Jason who wanted to be my cock sucker on call.  He was ready, under my spell and at my service.  I brought The Boss Cam along to record my sweaty post workout visit to Jason’s place for a muscle worship, toe sucking, vitamin infused piss drinking, and cum feeding from The Boss, done Boss style.  Nothing else needs to be said!

Enjoy the Film!  

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Comments: 11

HOT feet boss . thank you for posting such a great video
Carlo’s dominance is clearly shown in this one. When Carlo feeds the cocksucker his powerful load it always gets me off! I can watch this 100 times!
Boss deserved every minute of that worship, HOT feet boss! I would suck your sweaty after gym toes all day. BIG dick too but what do you expect from "The Man"!
now thats muscle worship..... I laugh everytime I see the subs go str8 to the cock... ur in the presence of a muscle alpha.... stand back for a second an admire him... ask are u even worthy to touch him then admire what the boss has given u
The hot thing about scenarios and films created by the Boss is that they get better with multiple viewings. That is certainly the case with #99 "Full Command." The chemistry between two straight jock buds when one knows he can call on his pal for a late night blowjob is palpable and it happens in spades here. It is obvious that Jason is familiar with the Boss's prick. He know its every curve, nuance and reaction and uses his mouth tongue teeth and hands to man-handle this "lead pipe" so that it leaks gobs of pre-ejaculate which he licks up with a hunger that is evident through the screen. It's also great to see the Boss looking so incredibly ripped and desireable and being able to kick back after a rough work to reap the rewards of his diligence and comitment to looking great. Also among the sizzling parts of this scenario is the point during which the Boss tells Jason he is going to drink some of his piss. How awesome is it for a straight guy to know he can call his cocksucking buddy and use him as a urinal with no judgment. This is what MuscleMafia is all about ~ real men getting the service they deserve from the guys who know that is their purpose in life.
It is great to be back to see the awesome work by Carlo and his studs at the Muscle Mafia. Been working way too hard and you know the saying "all work and no play...". Carlo in this scene proves continuously why he is the Boss. He is looking as hot as ever and his control of this young jock is nothing short of inspirational. There is a reason why there are "cock suckers on call" and Carlo shows why he is the man to teach them their true purpose This scene is worth every ounce of admiration which it gets!
OMG Carlo. it has to be the ultimate cocksucker experience to be worshipping and sucking on your beautiful cock. I look up to you in total dedication and I thank you, and all your magnificent crew for sharing and exciting us.
Buzzme! It's Me! (haha) Thanks buddy it ain't easy its a struggle every day, good days bad days comments like that help immensely! It is a great balance, and ongoing dedication and sacrifice but showing it off here for everyone and getting the worship makes all of keep at it. I can speak for myself when I know I am at my best I am anxious to get on camera that is why, not just for me but all of us cock suckers on call are important because when we feel good, pumped and ego where it should be grabbing a camera and doing a unplanned film with a cock sucker just waiting for us to be in that mood is intense! A feeling many guys around the world who spend the same time, money, effort and dedication may never get to experience that is why The Muscle Mafia was developed, those guys need to know what it feels like, its a very healthy high.
Will look at 99 later, but so far have only looked at the trailer, but Carlo your body is fantastic, looks bigger and more defined, so perfect. Improves with time, how do you do it?
jason was blessed to have the pleasure of your thick carlo cum load down this throat! i envy that!
Fuck! Carlo you never disappoint and goddam your tool is thick! Very Hot!