#97 Matt Pounds Dominick -

Approx Run Time: 47 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 47


The Red Room: Another filmed on location at Drew House!  Like #96 Stud Muffins, #97 was shot at a long time loyal muscle mafia fan who happens to be a celebrity.  The care taker at the house “Drew” made sure we were treated like kings and even assisted with some of the production; it was a much different role than being “house manager”  See Drew's intro in the Tour Section of The Theaters Home Page.

Matt=Perfection: #97 Matt Pounds Dominick, another outstanding performance and presentation by non other than Matt.  Always spot on perfection in every way there is not much that needs to be said once you say Matt is starring in a film; you already know its going to be a Best Seller!  

This film adds to Matt’s block buster list of “Pound, Slam and Fuck” films.  Starting as far back as the classics #16 Matt Pounds Ricky and Matt Pounds Paul.  Then the #23 Slamming Billy, #44 Matt pounds Craig and the EPIC Films  #70 Matt Pounds Direct Atlas and #84 Summer Fuck Matt and Adam; these to name just a few.  Now there'd #97 to add to his prestigious list of pound ‘em out domination films.

Dominick The Donkey: Dominick, a unique character to say the least first gave me the impression by his very cocky attitude and bragging about a 9 inch donkey dick that he was going to only want to sport his monster cock by using and abusing cock suckers.  But as it turns out this 22 year old jock loves to watch women choke on his dick.  But after some time with me and opening up he just admitted he has an admiration for muscle, was in awe of Matt, Myself and some of the rest of the crew when he met us and wanted to service and please Matt who he asked for specifically to start.  Here Dom tell you himself and watch him sport his donkey dick by watching his test shoot and intro video also in the tour section on the Theaters Home Page

Taking Dominick: #97 starts in the kitchen at Drew House, a cocktail toast to welcome Dom, a shot of Patron to loosen Dom up and then he was hands, mouth, and tongue on Matt’s body.  Deep throating him on and around the kitchen island counter top.  Dom is  quiet, but speaks when he has to and made it known he thought Matt’s body and cock where beautiful and certainly didn’t stop there, he was also clear he wanted Matt to fuck him.. “Take Him”.  

So Matt did, up the spiral staircase, to stop for more cock sucking then up to “The Red Room” a private bedroom suite on the top 4th floor of the estate.  Matt used what has been called by others and what I think best describes his dick...“A human medical instrument perfectly curved to tap, rub, massage and stimulate the male prostate. Matt finishes the job by blowing off one of his famous massive cum shots all over Dom’s tongue giving his mouth a cum rinse and feeding him some pretty powerful stud protein. 

Post Fuck Meal:  After the scene was done and both guys showered, Drew, by my request, made a very healthy meal for Matt, Dom and myself of egg-whites and 99% lean ground turkey!  

More Matt: For a complete list of Matt films check out his movie resume and photos in the crew section.  For films like this one scroll down to the section of thumbnails marked “Check it Out” for some of my suggestions.



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Comments: 6

You have created the most civilized porn website on the planet. I tracked the pictures on the wall. The glasses of red wine. The use of the "Red Room". And above all the way the guys talked to each other-- Matt Dom Top, Dominick Sub Bottom. Good clean jocks, decent to each other, just before one becomes totally dominant and the other totally submissive. You've filmed all this as beautifully as I can possibly imagine.
A new MuscleMafia star is born! The scene with Dominic - a straight young bodybuilder - could have had an alternate title "Show Me What You Got" or "Fuck Me Like The Champ That I Am!". The Boss's ability to see talent and pair it well is definitely in evidence here. Dominic and Matt have an awesome chemistry that the Boss encourages and guides through Dominic's first onscreen encounter. He works Matt's schlong with a dedication and zeal that shows he has a goal to be part of the Crew. It is even clear to Matt that Dominic is a real go-getter because the well hung usually reserved Matt displays the most dominant characteristics that he has ever shown.....more so than in any other films he's done here. It's HOT to see Matt inspired to really take charge of this new recruit. The fuck which Dominic takes is relentless. He doesn't just lie back...he opens his legs wide and looks Matt dead in the eye and says "I want you to pound my ass" ...."I want to taste your seed!". This is a guy who has fucked a lot of pussy ~ and he is really HUNG ~ because he knows how to give up his jock cunt to Matt. Nothing is hotter than seeing this kid open his mouth and ~ with the Boss's expert guidance and genius camera work ~ lap out his tongue for the squirts of cock juice Matt gives him! The Boss has done it again....maybe Dominic is ready to graduate to getting long-dicked by the incredibly massive stud Brad? Odds are he will take it like a champ!
Matt absolute perfect in every way. Beautiful, beautiful and leave it up to Carlo to bring it to us like no one else can! An absolute must see!
seeing how Matt pounds in this video, i want to be pounded next!
Ultra hawt film, I haven't seen too many of Matt but this one is outstanding. And Dominic? I pray that one day I'm able to see Dom worship, lick, suck, smell, and get fucked by Brad's big dick? Please, sir?
Another classic! Matt just excels from each film to the next. Obviously he's in peak physical condition...but his verbal is out of this world. Visuals are great...but add in some dirty talking Alpha....and voila! Love that your able to get guys like Dom but once they are masked and in front of solid muscle...they go for it! I didn't even last the whole movie! My favorite part? After Matt face fucks Dom, Matt then casually but confidently puts his ass and balls over Dom's face. It's that attitude that makes this site. Dom of course is in heaven as is the viewer. Rent it, buy it....you will not be disappointed!