#96 Stud Muffins, Bran and Muscle Batter -

Approx Run Time: 46 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 30


Location, Drew House: A very interesting night at a very interesting location; a place we are calling “Drew House”.  A home given to us to use by a well known celebrity who is a big fan of The Muscle Mafia.  He gave us full (almost full) access to one of his homes in an exclusive beach town, and full use of Drew, the homes care-taker who took very good care of us.  See Drew’s intro teaser video in “The Clips and Promos” tab on The Tour Page.

Our Own Recipe: The mission that night was to take both Brad and Adam and milk out a good healthy load of muscle batter to be added to a healthy batter of bran muffins; the cum of studs our own exclusive brand of “Stud Muffins”.

Bro-tein: I have mentioned many times over the last few years and those that know have heard me call it “Bro-tein”.  A very controversial idea among some that the cum of a very healthy athlete is high in protein, zinc and other vitamins that makes the cum of a bodybuilder and athlete different than that of anyone else.  We have seen this in “feedings” in some of our other films, and especially in those that have been released and will be released where Brad himself was using me as his additional protein source.  There are even some who have written me and I have read on some blogs that straight and bi bodybuilders actually swap cum and consider it a supplement.  It is something I have seen first hand by guys who have asked for mine.  Adam learned about this and got the concept when he was milked out for feedings in #45.5 3 a.m. Feeding and #83 Brotein Shake,Matt and Adams Special Blend

Time to Make Muffins: Mario, who you know from #54 Scene 2: Mario Milking Brad Outdoors and #49 Hit Man Chris Face Fucking Mario is back for more.  When I ran the idea past him he was all over it and very willing.

You will watch a full behind the scenes birds eye view of the guys showing up at the house, me having them actually mix and make the brand muffin batter and then watch how Mario, sucks, strokes, licks and massages Brad and Adams cock and balls to pump out the final most important ingredient of the “Stud Muffins”  the stud cum.  Then when that is added to the mix it is stirred put in a pan and baked.  You see it all, watch it all as if you were there with us even the final product and watch Mario eat one of the muffins.

Question:  What happen to the other muffins, I froze them and offered them to a generous donator who I then shipped the rest of the muffins to so he can enjoy the benefits of Bro-tein enriched bran muffins with his morning coffee.

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Comments: 10

I would lije to see more movies like this cooking and playing with food, cum, sweaty, spit and piss yummy
Hey Boss. You are an amazing stud on many many levels. Thanks for taking the time to respond to comments the way that you do. It is really appreciated and shows even more how much you value this community. The fact that you carve out time from the jam-packed schedule to keep in touch with us is great! I totally hear you on the "Feedings" idea and I see your point that the concept is seen very clearly in the "cocksucker on call" and "cocksucker academy" scenes. It would be awesome to hear more of your thoughts on the subject of the intense "super" properties of jock sperm! You really are the best!
Biiigstud! I like your ideas, and as you know I consider all ideas. But we kind of already have that with the cock suckers on call and the wake up calls. Most all of our films is a "feeding" but what I think be hot is to develop something specifically for someone who wants to get fed. I know somewhere on the site I wrote about BroTein and how the cum of a very healthy muscle jock who eats well and takes all the right mix of vitamins has very healthy cum high in many things. Long story short, someday I may tell the long story but mine was tested and I discussed with the doctor. I am very high in zinc and protein and other vitamins and minerals the doctor used the word "super sperm" specifically. True story! But I love the ideas!
Given the well regarded potency that is inherent in the jizzz of bodybuilders also that cocksuckers have as their purpose the role of helping their straight buds empty out their nutsac as often as possible, the Boss might want to start a series called "Feedings" The stable of straight muscled hunks and the straight jocks like Billy who can get them off would make this series a very popular one. An example of this is how HOT and frequently watched this scenario "Stud Muffins" is. The Boss's guidance, creativity and ability to motivate his team to pit forth a "Feedings" series would be an awesome addition to the already amazing collection of MuscleMafia viewing!
The triumvirate of the Boss, Brad and Adam is the ultimate in masculine energy. Having these three in one scene is beyond fantastic!!!! When the Boss tells the hunks that their job is to get loads of jock juice out of their massive dicks and to utilize the cocksucker present to make it happen, Brad and Adam strip down and put their straight bro to work on their hard pricks! Nothing Is hotter than seeing these two towers of muscularity stripped down, following the Boss's guidance and force feeding the cocksucker on call their hogs with relentless force. Their goal is clear: shoot big wads of spooge. The Boss's expert artistic camera work and leadership bring out ll the charged straight guy sexual energy. When our favorite studs bust nuts into the muffin batter, you know it's powerful. This scene will have straight buds everywhere angling to make this recipe!
Boss' arms....BOOM BABY And Adam looks incredible Great movie
love this video! a new approach to muscle worshipping. not one but TWO muscle gods to service and to have their protein to add in muffins! there should be a branding of baked goods with bodybuilder muscle god protein! just amazing Carlo! love the Brad and Adam combination
Carlo you are THE BEST! What that mind of yours does not come up with. Very hot! Very different! Very Real so much fun to watch you guys interact before, during and after "The Baking". I would buy some! Nice work Again!
That's so wrong it's fucking right! LOL