#94 Boss Anthology, The Evolution of The Boss Cam, Then to Now -

Approx Run Time: 62 Minutes

The Buddy System

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How we have Cum...#94 Boss Anthology is seven Scenes, a collection of privately made best sellers, most asked about and never seen Boss Cams.  Scenes 1 though 4 were privately made and not all were publicly available until now; others are classics that long time loyal followers have rated “Hot” “Best Sellers” on a previous version of musclematt.com.  For those that have asked, “Hey Carlo what ever happen to that one with you and the steak.” or “That one where the shower door made you cum.”  These best sellers have not been available for over 3 years and are now re-released in this collection. 

Scenes 5, 6 and 7 are brand new never seen and recently recorded. All are put together to show the evolution of “The Boss Cam” from then to now.   

The best part about this collection is you can see the improvement to my body, size and definition and the improvement to the quality of filming and some new equipment used.  It’s a great thing to see progress.  Here they are..just because you asked, enjoy:

Scene 1: A Load For Rich- Very big muscle fund contributor asked me to milk off into a jar and film it.  The same guy who asked for Brad’s in #48 Scene 2: Brad’s Muscle Milk in a Jar.

Scene 2: Saturday Morning- This is just one Saturday morning, the camera goes on and off throughout the day starting with a morning jog, coming back sweaty, a little showing off and then I head to the gym.  As always I return home from the gym horny as hell and sport a massive veiny boner and a satisfying load.

Scene 3: Jerked Off by The Shower Door- This was a huge thing when it was first released and became a best seller.  It has not been seen in a couple years.  I dusted it off and its back for a whole new audience to enjoy and comment on. This was just one of those scenes after a shoot where I flipped Matt a camera so he can video a special request of me in the shower.  I took it a little further, when my boredom for just jerking off took it even further and I used the shower door to jerk me off.  Pretty wild! 

Scene 4: A Steak That Sizzles- Summer day, a little sun tanning and a steak on the grill, but this steak was tenderized with my dick or should I say I slapped my meat around with this meat!  Good Steak too!

Scene 5: Risky Sauna Jerk Off- There are a lot of things someone can say about me, but afraid to take a risk is NOT one of them.  This is the newest scene on here, teased in some promos from last summer and inspired by the scene from #75 Boss Pounds Chez where Chez licks the sweat off my body in the sauna.  Some asked why I didn’t cum in the sauna, well that’s because I had other plans where I was putting that load in that film.  So, I took the Boss Cam with me to the sauna and waited until it was clear.  But as you will see in the video, I wasn’t alone. I still managed to crank out a pretty good load.  Check it out!

Scene 6: After Sauna Shower- This shows the new technology and cameras we evolved to, Iphones, underwater camera (drain cam).  After the sauna I take you with me into the shower.

Scene 7: Pissing on You- This is for those who have written who have fantasied about me standing over them and taking a piss.  I can’t be every where at once to piss on all of you but, with this camera I can, and I do.

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Comments: 6

wow great video 59 min was the best view
I'd love to get inside Boss's head to know how his sexual aesthetic developed and how old he was when he knew he had it. I'm guessing it was very early. These scenes were so fucking hot not only because of his killer bod but also because of his cocky confidence & sense of humor that runs through them. And being confident & funny are very sexy. I shot a big one during the sauna scene - those muscles glistening and pumping just did it for me tonight. They broke the mold when they made this one.
fuck - love watching you love on that boner
Having busted out many loads in saunas, and having been interrupted by unwitting passers-by several times, I can empathize with Carlo....though can't compare! Loved the piss camera from the POV of a human urinal/piss pig!
HOT DAMN! Carlo! What a fucking body and piece of meat on you! Your body was always fan-fucking-fastic, but you can see the transformation over the years. Better and Better what an inspiration. The sauna / shower scene, your naked body was a feast for my eyes and my senses didn't know where to look first. Men---Take note that's a stud, that's a god and true alpha male.
This is an amazing update, Carlo. Absolutely gorgeous from head to toe (which is just stating the obvious). Just the screen caps of you are enough to get me rock hard. The site may be named after Matt, but you are truly the star, Boss. You've got the brains, personality, charm, and of course you're physically impeccable. Hope for many more vids of you!