#93 Game Changer 2: Pump and Dump Carlo Fucks Brad -

Approx Run Time: 42 Minutes

The Buddy System

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The Big Event!…..Game Changer 2, probably one of the most anticipated most asked about films in Muscle Mafia history.  After first releasing #71, Game Changer 1 Brad Blows Carlo emails from fans and movie buyers who felt the chemistry between Brad and me were asking, “Will there be a follow up to Game Changer.”  There were some Boss and Brad fans who I dropped hints to, and in some of my blog posts and writings I did as well.  Somehow it got out and I don’t think I have gotten through a week without a few emails asking when will me fucking Brad be released.

Here is your answer, it’s released!  This was a direct follow up to Game Changer 1, because the guy responsible for that film, was responsible for this film as well.  He also worked the camera in this film and considering Brian is not a camera guy or photographer, he did a pretty damn good job once again.

The Connection...Brad has been a crew member since late 2008, he and I shared a very close working relationship and friendship every since.  For those who have followed us over the years you have witnessed the evolution of Brad and I and the effortless rapport and connection that has existed between us.  This film while held from release until now should be of no surprise to those that saw this coming.  See #64.1 Brad’s Blind Folded Blow Job and #64.2 Boss and Brad Men on a Mission Massaging Brad's Prostate.  But more recently #87 Grand ma’s house Part 1 and #88 Grand Ma’s House Part 2.  But that chemistry is obvious in all of Brad’s films because he and I always seem to encourage and instigate each other.

#93, The Movie...Most things with us revolve around either the gym or eating so this movie starts appropriately with a workout; a teaser of what Brad and I do in the gym when we have an occasion to workout together.  This workout was particularly important because it was legs and glutes; Brad wanted his ass pumped and ready for later that night.

Game Changer 2 starts with Brad and I at the table just talking about anything and everything but particularly who and how this film came about and the difference between muscle worship and mutual muscle worship something also covered in detail in  #70 Matt Pounds Derrek Atlas.

After a shot of tequila and a toast I show Brad the toys I brought to loosen and warm him up.  From there Brad was down on my dick giving me a blow job, and then the action started.

Keep in mind this was filmed before #75 Boss Pounds Chez and #85 Mind Fuck: Carlo Claims Danny, so at the time of filming me, Carlo fucking anyone was never a thought.  Also keep in mind that my approach and connection with Brad was entirely different so that while the scene is hot and primal, it is natural and my objective here was not domination per-se but more like seduction and letting the chemistry and rapport between 2 trusting gym buddies trigger a heightened, natural and alpha-male sexual response.

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Comments: 8

You guys are studs. I love how Boss tells Brad he's going to cum in his ass. That ass is now yours Boss!!!
Awesome video. Definitely in my top 3. Only thing that would have made this better would have been being able to see brad's ass covered in the boss's cum. Hopefully more like this are to come. Love seeing the boss in action and brad is a beast everything he does is great
The Boss's connection with each of his proteges in the Muscle Mafia is a testament to his charisma and his unswerving commitment to to their growth. Each of them knows he has their back and as such will do what he wants ~ because of trust...and perhaps a bit of the sort of straight guy-to-guy affection referred to as "man crush". This is never more evident than in the interaction between Big Brad and the Boss in many previous scenes ~ namely in Scene 71"Brad blows the Boss" ~ and culminating here "The Boss fucks Brad". It is exceptionally hot to see the tower of muscle that is Brad workout with his buddy the Boss then move on to a relaxing drink and the on to submit his incredibly built body ~ literally opening up and letting the Boss fill him up. The ethos of the Muscle Mafia and its concept that straight bros can get behind closed doors and engage in a hard fuck session rings true and genuine in this scene where there are no scripts. There is nothing "fake" in this scenario where the Boss makes Brad his boy not in a degrading way but in a way that honors their friendship and connection. The visuals and verbals are so intense and real ~ the Boss mounting Brad from behind and ramming his stiff prick in Brad's hairy man hole is an image that is only heightened by the moment when he asks the stud what he wants and Brad, not missing a beat says "put your load in my ass!" This is straight man-to-man sucking and fucking that is what makes MuscleMatt.com without peers and solely unique. If you haven' t yet you want to catch this scene now......run don't walk and see why Carlo is referred to as "the Boss"
Im just speechless! thank U thank U thank U.....WOW!
Fucking unreal !! 2 real dudes fucking in private that s what this site is all bout !! Carlo is the master at it. He knows what other real men wants to see . Chemistry between the 2 is through the roof. Prob the best action ever! Raw action ..verbal alpha dudes no wonder muscle Matt is so successful for so many years there is nothing that can compare out here ..it's the real deal. Grazie Carlo
Awesome! No other words AWESOME!! Brad, Boss, all of it. Lifetime buyer!
Very happy to see this finally released! So fucking hot how Boss just so confidently swoons Brad and the audience. Any film Boss is in is a lifetime purchase and this one is simply fucking hot and as real as it gets. Now Boss, I'm getting to read between the lines in your writings, and notice some hints in new releases. Would I be out of line to even suggest, let alone assume that Anthony's ass is in your site. I can smell the chemistry with you too and I think the sexual tension is much more overt than yours and Brads ever was. Should my hunch be correct I will be looking for that one. Fantastic work as usual Boss, and very fucking hot!
Big fan of Brad here (my username says it all, lol). Been waiting this one for years, I even emailed Carlo a few times asking for it to be released before the "world ended" back in 2012, haha! This one is amazing, we get a good amount af great close-ups of Brad's ass (dat ass is fucking beautiful!) and we get to see him pounded by The Boss' dick RAW! This is the stuff dreams are made of! This one is my ultimate fantasy, fucking Brad is one of my biggest dreams!!! That may never happen but as long as I can see him getting pounded by The Boss is ok. Brad is amazing, he can take it as well as when he gives it! The Boss pounded him good! I want more and more and more of Brad, I can't get enough of him!!! Brad if you read this MARRY ME! LOL!!!