#91 Matt's Bar Top Blow Job -

Approx Run Time: 33 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 18


Closed to the Public….When Keith first learned of the site and expressed his interest in becoming a very involved supporter (see blog post about Keith's Story) he asked me to arrange a meeting with Matt, but wanted something different, a little special to celebrate that meeting and muscle worship session.  So I reached out to The Muscle Mafia Community and spoke to a guy who has been a long time fan of ours.  This guy is in the Restaurant / Bar business and once told me that if ever I wanted to shoot a scene in his place he would shut it down just for us and guarantee complete security and privacy.  As most of our loyal following who love our work, he was a man of his word and it was there that #91 Matt’s Bar Top Blow Job was filmed. 

Sounds of The Ice Maker Humming, and a Blow Job….  This is actually a very hot scene and while filming I liked the back drop and the exclusivity given to The Muscle Mafia and our crew.  I wanted the club set-up as if it was getting ready to open for the public.  The tables were set, bar stocked, television on, even the sound of the commercial ice maker added to the experience!  Matt and Keith sit down, pour a glass of wine and talk a little before the action begins.  Keith gives full attention to Matt’s body as he asks him to remove his shirt and discusses some of Matt’s best body parts; including having him turn around to admire Matt’s ass in his jeans. 

One Shot not on The Drink Menu…. Then the scene moves to the bar where Keith takes full advantage of his time with Matt and uses his mouth all over Matt’s cock and balls.  From sitting on the bar stool, to standing and kneeling and then laying back on the bar top Keith expertly sucks and milks Matt’s cock while the sports channel plays on the flat screen TV in the background.  Matt’s body as always was outstanding, and the shadows and lighting made the mood for this muscle and cock worship session all the more intense and erotic.  What ego driven muscle jock wouldn’t fantasize about being laid out across the top of a night club bar so his body can be admired, his ego stroked and and cock properly serviced.

Yes, as usual Matt shot off a very think muscle load! 

Boss Cum Footage…Another bar in this same club was used again as the back drop for a photo shoot of Matt.  Some might remember a previous musclematt.com cover where Matt was laid out naked on this bar and held a HUGE Belvedere Vodka bottle to block his junk in the photo!  During this particular shoot Matt go pretty turned on by the concept and decided he wanted to bust a nut; he did, I filmed it and that is now the bouns footage for #91!

Also see #77 A Beer and Blow Job with Matt, and see Keith get loads from Kyle in #76 Kyle Worshipped and Seduced Keith also offers his cock sucking and muscle worship skill to Jason when he co-sucks and worships The Boss in #78 Cock Sucker Academy 3!

For all of Matt's Movies see his Photo Album and Movie Resume

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Comments: 3

wow, not only does Matt have a great body, he has such a beautiful suckable cock. I, for one, would do him without question. This movie I could watch again and again....where is someone like Matt in my life?
Matt is poetry in motion. Keith seemed nervous and rightly so, but serviced Matt well. His admiration and excitement to meet Matt for the first time showed; I could relate to his feeling. Keith too, looks excellent in this film. Matt's body ripped and hard and that big fucking dick of his right up on the bar top throbbing and wanting service should be on every menu at every bar! But only you guys can make that happen. A recommended must see!
It is always great to see a new dvd of Matt......the man just seems to get better every time Carlo lets us have the pleasure of some new Matt material. All the Mafia men have great bodies and some of them are even bigger than Matt but there is just one Matt......those biceps, the abs, the delicious looking nipples, the perfect cock, the beautiful ass, and those cum shots......those huge cumshots.....the special Mafia member that is Matt. Carlo is always great behind the camera but it always seems that the best work Carol does, the really special films, are the ones he shoots of Matt. Of course, the really luck guys are the ones that get to worship that body of Matt's....suck that hard cock.....squeeze that ass as they are sucking his cock. What was really special was that this dvd was released on my birthday and there was my present..... that beautiful muscular body of Matt stretched out on the bar......just waiting for me!!!!