#90 Kyle Edged and Milked by The Boss -

Approx Run Time: 31 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 53


#90 in the Catalog, sponsored by, financed by and inspired by the request of a fan named Dan.  It lines up with other milkings and edging already released and still yet to be released.

This is all about bringing Kyle to the edge, getting his body to produce a thick wad of cum so we can collect it in a jar, cap it off freeze it and over-night it fed-x 10am delivery.

This is a 90 minute, 3 camera shoot edited down to give you all the best highlights of me taking complete control of Kyle, his cock, his balls and his cum shot.   

The Scene... Kyle Edged and Milked By The Boss is a cock slapping, ball massaging, ball yanking and squeezing cum control session that brings Kyle to the edge at least a dozen times.  Shivers are sent up and down his body while I use my instincts as the Ultimate Alpha Male to bring my buddy from start to almost finish and back again and again.

With Keith at the camera and 2 others strategically placed for a more in-depth Boss Cam you watch as I use both the skills suggested by Dan, and what I know I like when I get milked and edge to pull a nice thick muscle load outta Kyle!

Menthol numbed, Hot Oiled, and rubbed Raw...Kyle's balls are soaked in listerine to heat em up and numb them for a wild sensation.  Then, I heat up some oil and massage the hot oil down his ass crack, around all over his balls and to the tip of his dick. I have him stand, get on all fours doggie style, lay on his back and then back onto all fours to pull his now rock hard, raw throbbing dick backwards and drain him into the jar for expressly fresh for Dan.  

A hot erotic masculine scene done in  Boss style!  Kyle loved it as you will tell!

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Comments: 20

If I were boss I would have rimmed that beautiful hole intensely lol. How did boss control himself? :)
This was fucking beautiful. Kyle's huge cock is a work of art and he goes along with the scene like a pro. Carlo is a master of his craft and knows his boys' bodies inside out..literally. So hot that he stays clothed during this milking of the beast. So obvious these are two men just having a good time. Really hot video.
More Boss Milking his studs! You got the technique Boss! Your boys love your touch and want it, they need that sort of approval from you!
Kyle's body is beautiful. Boss is always amazing.
Carlo is a true master, and masterfully stimulates as well. Awesome vid.
Wow - I think Kyle is stupendous! What a body, and what a hot way to worship it. I am so jealous of Carlo getting to be so close to this super-stud. If it had been me...well, let's just say I wouldn't have been as controlled as Carlo!
I don't know who I'm more jealous of, Kyle, Carlo, or Dan! What a great scene, and man Kyles body is gorgeous!
Kyle's cum looks like it's so rich and delicious. Definitely awlays a treat to see updates from him. Hope to see another one soon.
Kyles body is amazing that's the body type that I want to have. A hot video and tons of workout motivation. I want to find kyles stats. he is amazing and carlo voice made the video hotter.
Wow! Kyle is truly a god! Carlo is an amazing alpha male who has truly mentored his protege and inspired him to become the hot specimen of man in this film. Hearing Carlo's (the Boss's) voice and seeing these two hot straight muscle guys interact is an inspiration! There is nothing more charged and intense than seeing muscle-bound Kyle showing an ultimate trust in the Boss by getting on all fours exposing his masculinity and allowing his buddy, his friend, his mentor to milk his engorged and fully erect penis.....helping him produce a huge load of sperm. That is trust of the ultimate kind between two straight musclemen ~ something you will see *only* here on MuscleMatt.com
If we could only see his face
Awesome vid. Kyle's build is amazing. You two make a great team.
this has to be one of the hottest videos I've purchased! Just watching Carlo's hands work his dick was mind blowing. I've never had so much precum without even touching my dick just from watching this video. The way Kyle kept telling Carlo to stop so he wouldn't cum made the video so much hotter! Kyle's body is amazing and that bubble but of his had me rock solid. Loved watching him on all fours while getting his dick jerked from behind. Even though I knew it wasn't going to happen i was wishing Carlos face was buried into Kyle's perfect ass. Hopefully in another video it'll happen! All i know is this video is hoot and I suggest everyone who hasn't bought it to buy it now!!
Boss you are the best total masculine scene this is the core of this site its all bout DL stuff ..great vid.. you deserve all the success numero uno by far !
Kyle is simply delicious. If I had that basketball of an ass in my face at the same time I was "milking" him you better believe it would been a slam dunk. Or, a trip to the ER to have my tongue removed from his ass. LOL!
absolutely agree with KyleandJoyFan, Kyle needs to be worshipped properly, total muscle worship service to a muscle god like Kyle, have someone kiss, lick, and suck his pecs, nipples, ass, biceps, traps, lats, every single inch of massive muscle! more Kyle please! and since Kyle likes ball pulling and cock slapping more of that too!
This was an awesome Thanksgiving surprise. When I saw it on my phone when checking the site for updates, I immediately had to hide out from the visiting relatives for half an hour to watch. Kyle is possibly the hottest guy I've seen on any adult website, and I'll buy anything he's in. I love the attention paid to his perfect cock and balls in this scene, but I don't think the rest of his amazing body has gotten the attention it deserves in any of his scenes so far. I have my fingers crossed for a follow-up scene where his perfect pecs and nipples, beautiful ass, and massive legs are worshipped for an extended period of time. Having said that, I wholeheartedly recommend this scene and all of his prior ones. Keep up the great work.
i haven't even bought it yet i just watched the previews and i can't wait to buy it lifetime!!! THE PREVIEW ITSELF IS EPIC!
HOLY FUCK! Wow Boss if its not your mind its your hands. When Kyle kept saying "stop stop" you bringing him right there and backing him down. Great scene between 2 amazingly hot, masculine muscle gods.