#88 Grandma's House Part 2, Brad Tears Greg Up - Angry Fuck -

Approx Run Time: 48 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Another Boss and Brad Night to Remember...This picks up where #87, Part 1 left off.  When I told Greg that next time he had to service Brad’s big dick, which was something he was anxious to do.  But this night turned out to be quite a night, reality adult filming and an authentic back story you can never get from a script.  

Another Mission to Accomplish...When I sat down to put together all the footage and write the description on #88 Grandma’s House Part 2, I thought.. “Where the hell do I start and where the hell do I end!” Another Boss and Brad excursion that played out only like a Boss and Brad excursion ever could.  Much like #64-1 and 64-2 Men on a mission, Brad and I got ourselves into a scene where I had to do some quick thinking and use some Boss fast talkin to pull this one off. I did the talking, set the mission and Brad was locked on target to carry it out, nothing was going to stop him not even Greg’s moods and mind changes. Watch the 4 minute trailer and watch the entire movie sure to be another block buster and another among many most watched, most talked about Muscle Mafia films!

Can Men Use Tampons?...When I shot Greg for the first time during his wake up call of 66-1 and 66-2 he wanted me to fuck him in the second scene, nah I wasn’t into it.  Then when Brad and I took a road trip to feed Greg another Boss load #87 Grandma’s House Part 1, he wanted me to fuck him then, nahh wasn’t into it.  So in the months following my twice rejected suggestions to fuck him Greg was being really bitchy and spiteful right up to the night we were driving down there to shoot this; maybe he was having his period who knows?

The Boss Works Magic and Greg’s Grammie and Pop-pop were there in spirt...I know Brad better than he knows himself, remember I created this monster so I had to keep myself cool that night. If Brad knew I was pissed off, it would piss him off and you don’t want to piss off 270 pounds and nearly 7 feet of solid muscle  So watch and listen carefully how I handle this night and how I get both Brad and Greg through what could have been a really bad night.  All in all we had a good time, had some laughs and accomplished another mission.  I kept the conversations light, interesting and funny to pull us through.  Greg even put his spiteful snarky behavior aside long enough to give us a tore of what became the unsuspecting star of these films, grandma’s house, a place he inherited after her death.  The creepy part was it hadn’t been changed in 30 years, photographs that were at least 20 years old were still around the house including a board Greg made in junior high school wood shop that was carved with “Love you grammie and pop-pop”  so are you getting the same feeling we got yet, yeah what a night! 

So let me break it down for you as simply as I can:

-In the weeks before he annoyed us

-On the way down he pissed us off so Brad and I pissed on him

-Then I give the order, and for nearly an hour, Brad uses and abuses Greg which in spite of his game playing was what he really wanted in the first place.

-Brad tosses him around Grandma’s living room, choking him with his python cock until he wears Greg down and bends him over Grandma’s sofa to toss Greg around some more but this time with his monster cock as hard as granite, tearing Greg’s ass up in what was a heavy breathing, sweat dripping angry fuck scene Big Brad Style almost like #58, #68 and #82 but kicked up a notch just because.  

Moaning, Vibrating and Loud...By the time we were finished Brad was dripping in sweat from a cardio workout he could never get at the gym.  Not to mention it was 80 degrees, and we turned off the window air conditioner in Grandma’s old house because I think it too was 30 years old, moaning, vibrating and rattling the house; too loud in the micro-phone.  So, Brad, as always took my orders and our mission and not only completed it, but exceeded it!  

Directors Cut / Bonus Footage:  I decided to let you watch and enjoy the entire film first before you saw another twist from that evening; Greg’s little hissy fit break down.  At the end of the film, I included some behind the scenes drama that took place during filming.  What caused it and how did I handle it so we were able to resume filming? Watch! Shit happens here, real, raw and unscripted!

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Comments: 8

Nice picture. He shouldn't have taken offense in getting hit. I believe he would have been more comfortable with the mask on. Maybe at the end, he felt like it is not his cup of tea and was trying everything in his power to end it.
Another great scene--absolutely envious of anyone who gets Brad and his amazing-ness served to them. He's Legendary and we thank our stars Carlo found him. More please! I would volunteer to be in Greg's shoes in a heartbeat.
Once again Carlo ("the Boss") brings his intensity ~ to say nothing of his muscled Alpha Male physique ~ to this scenario along with the "Adonis" that is Brad ~ all 6ft 4in 245 lbs of solid muscle and near 10inches of stud cock! What is also fantastic about this scenario is that the Boss and Brad share a mentor/protege bond in handling the participant Greg. You would assume that Greg might know what it is tobe in the presence of these Blessed muscle men but instead there is a very evident lack of appreciation ~ even respect ~ for the opportunity to this straight hunk offer his cock. True to form Brad fulfills his mission in using Greg and teaching him the value of having a muscle god use his holes and the Boss ups the ante by joining and showing the ungrateful Greg that it is not right to treat dude in such a way. This is such a great scene on many levels but especially because the Boss and Brad don't let this guy (who complains and changes his mind more than a cunt) get away with such disrespect. Of all the scenes between the Boss and Brad, here we get to see how much their trust in each other and regard for their manhood translates into an intense fuck! Take that Greg! And if you're lucky to be in the presence of the Boss, be a stand up guy and show some appreciation!
Ok so just bought 88 on lifetime (only way to go) I thought Brad looked incredible and fucked like a machine. The highlight for me was Boss joining in - more of that please! Greg is not a great addition in my opinion, he didn't seem at all grateful?? Lousy attitude. Can't wait to see what's next hopefully Boss and Kyle tearing up some lucky sub. Good work guys x
Damn! Brad is just a beast, isn't he? Greg took that pounding. Honestly, I'm glad he pissed you off. I don't really want either of you guys to be pissed off (you guys are great and such sexy studs), but there's something hot about angry sex. Sweat is what get me going. A hot guy muscle god sweating just gives me orgasms thinking about it! Such a great addition.
This was a lot of fun to watch and get off to. Brad is a beast again, putting out another power fuck. Carlo is hot as always and without knowing it funny as hell, but always in total control. I really like watching how Carlo steers these things, and quick split second decisions and is able to maintain total control keeping everyone on track to get the scenes finished. Brad gave Greg quite a bitch slap, best part is the car ride home listening to Carlo and Brad laugh and talk about what happened. Good stuff, real and hot as always. Great work, yet again Boss!
HOLY FUCK! hot just fucking hot! CARLO & BRAD took control and Brad tore Greg up! BRAD IS A TOTAL BEAST! Greg is lucky to get face fucked and then fucked by Brad, especially after being a big bitch about it. He is lucky he got blessed after all of that. Seeing Brad all sweaty, domineering, taking control. When Brad just sits back and flexes while he gets his dick sucked, that is hot. It was a total master moment when he dragged Greg to the kitchen and just sat back and pushed Greg's faced down his throat i've seen Brad fuck before in other films, but this was his Best Fuck Yet, all those muscles contracting, flexing, all sweaty. Having Brad fuck him face to face is the hottest, Brad holding Greg's head with his muscled monster arms. Then the moment comes when Brad releases his load... down Greg's throat! all of it! Having any of the Muscle Crew dump a load down someone's throat is the hottest! Hearing Brad's voice and moans while he cums is hot because its real and felt good for him. His heavy breathing afterwards says that it was a good fuck and a good release of his monster muscle load. Wish Greg could have appreciated and been more grateful knowing two muscle gods were in his house. Greg is one lucky bitch, Carlo & Brad are ALPHA GODS Greg should have muscle worshipped Brad's body, licked kissed and sucked his muscles, he should have sucked Brad's nipples, Brad likes them sucked on. Greg should have licked those flexed bis, then lick his pits. And since Brad likes his ass eaten out, Greg should have ate his ass more, stick his entire face in there.
God Damn! Definitely a lifetime purchase! Boss you and Brad are awesome! Both different body types but both equally hot alpha males! Boss your presence, voice, attitude, sense of humor and that tough guy New Yawka accent drives me wild. You don't even have to take your pants off and I get off just looking and listening. Brad messed this guy up in this and he deserved it! This is why I and Im sure so many here are BIG fans cause your stuff is just so well done. I don't see this as porn at all I get really caught up in the stories and I have gotten to know all your personalities. I could go on and on with this one and others but just fucking amazing cinema. Brad's body is outstanding in this how he power fucked Greg every muscle flexing and watching him get more sweaty as the night went on and breathing harder. I recommend all your films but this one is a must see and a must lifetime buy! Thank you for what you guys do!