#87 Grandma's House Part 1, Carlo Using and Abusing Greg -

Approx Run Time: 29 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 27


Cum Dump Greg, Boss’s need to Feed! This is a very casual, spontaneous late night road trip to Greg, one of our cock suckers on call. You will remember Greg, he is the cock sucker that 2 Boss loads in one night in #66-1 Truck Suck and #66-2 Greg’s Wake up Call.  He also swallowed a load from Dean in #61-1 Dean Uses and Abuses Cock Sucker Greg.  Greg wanted to be my personal cum dump and the first on my speed dial of cock suckers to service The Crew at my command. That’s what he wanted and that’s what he got and in #87 Grandma’s House Part 1 he gets another Boss Load dumped down his throat.  Brad and I grab The Boss Cam and bolt down to his place to shoot this film.  This one is from The Vault filmed on a night where Brad and I had the camera and were looking for a little trouble (as usual).  Held from release until now..

Killing 2 Birds..This night had 2 purposes, first I had the need to feed someone and Greg was my first call at the time.  Second, Greg had been asking to meet Brad but was intimidated by his size so he wanted to break the ice and get comfortable with Brad.  That all worked out perfect because I wasn’t feeling like driving down there alone.  After my first late night wake-up call to Greg in #66-2 we went back to his house, a dark creepy old house he inherited from his dead grandmother, so having Brad there worked for me! 

Dark and Dingy..The deal was he was going to suck me off while Brad watched and filmed.  This was very informal we didn’t bring any lights, no formal equipment, just The Boss Cam and a Boss Boner ready to go!  So if you like raw gritty scenes this one starts out that way in the living room of this old house that was was lit only by a table lamp before I move Greg into the bedroom for more light.  There is where he takes a thick boss muscle load. 

An introduction to Brad’s 9x7..While Greg is slurping on my cock and begging for a load, you will see me reach over and pull down Brad’s shorts to reveal Brad’s monster cock that was getting hard while filming the scene.  That is when I make Greg look at Brad’s dick, tease him with it, feel it and ask him if he wants a return visit to service my boy Brad, what do you think he said?  

Mission accomplished...Greg got another Boss Load and it was that night that he got orders from me that Brad and I would return and he would give Brad what ever he wanted, he agreed!  

Part 2, The Epic Return Visit..After texting and keeping in touch with Greg, Brad and I made that return visit some months later for another Boss and Brad excursion.  This re-visit turned out to be another night to remember and is now #88 Grandma’s House Part 2, Brad Tears Greg Up, An Angry Fuck! This is a must see for sure and to get the full experience and events that lead up to Part 2, watch both #87 and #88.

Read The Back Story and watch the epic sequel to Grandma's House Part 1


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Comments: 4

i'd like to be abused this way by the boss
Very raw and love it that way. Carlo's body is outstanding, even hotter to watch knowing there is a part 2 to this and watching how somethings in part 1 lead you to part 2. I got off when Carlo pulled down Brad's dick and made Greg promise right there on camera that he would take care of Brad.
Nitty & Gritty video, though the lighting isn't the best as other videos, this was still a STEAMY release. Greg is lucky to have Carlo allow him to get a load of muscle protein. Seeing Carlo's precum is hot and having Greg show it to the camera makes me cum. I love how Carlo loves aggressive BJs and tells Greg to chew on his head, lucky bastard! The best part is when Carlo goes full face fucking on the bed as Greg just lays there and is forced to take it, Greg should have been better at it and just allow that face fucking to go on all night!