#86 Road Trip, Matt's Load We Deliver -

Approx Run Time: 26 Minutes

The Buddy System

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We made a house call... and delivered a very long time, loyal and generous supporter of our movies a mouthful and face full of Matt’s legendary load!  This is a very genuinely erotic film where an adoring fan gets to meet Matt at last!  Put yourself in his place, listen and observe as this authentic first time meeting and dream come true unfolds.

Scott has been a loyal movie buyer and generous supporter of musclematt.com and The Crew.  He has kept up on every update, every new crew member and every new movie release since he first stumbled onto us in 2006! Many emails have been exchanged over the years but in this email he told me his roommate had moved out, that he had the place to himself again and wanted to talk to me (Carlo) about finally getting to meet Matt and having the cameras capture it all. He invited Matt and me to take a drive to one of the outer boroughs of New York and film his first meeting, first touch and first taste of the guy he is in awe of, Matt.

Real, Raw and Unscripted...We packed up the cameras and lights and went on a road trip!  We made our way through tolls, traffic and a car fire by The Verrazano Bridge.  When we got to Scott’s place we were greeted by a very happy guy.  After he got over the initial shock and disbelief that we were actually standing at his front door he let us in and could not do enough for us.  He had a whole spread of healthy food and drink for Matt and I to feast on while his eyes had a feasted on Matt and Me!  I set up and we sat on the sofa to began filming the introduction and initial talk with Scott and Matt. Then he asked if he could touch Matt and feel his muscles, and that set the chain of events in motion.  A very erotic muscle worship session that could not have been more authentic!

His hands were all over Matt’s body touching, feeling, smelling and sucking every body part he had been admiring through our movies for years.  Matt’s body, as usual and always was OUTSTANDING, and he delivered Scott a big muscle matt cum shot that put a big smile on Scott’s face; I think he described it as “Tasting as sweet as candy”.

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Comments: 4

That body! Love when you show their mouth. You can tell the men have beautiful faces, just by their mouths.
Great video. Matt is beyond ridiculously built. A muscle perfection.
LOVE the fan videos. Love how the fans just drool over the Mafia. Every new video tops the previous one. The Mafia studs are nothing less than GODS.
Matt's body is ridiculous, dick looks like the Chrysler Builder, and cum shot is always something worth seeing. Very hot to see the reaction of Scott when he meets you guys, very genuine, love your stuff Carlo keep up the good work! Matt, what can I say, you rock buddy!!