#85 Mind Fuck, Carlo Claims Danny -

Approx Run Time: 44 Minutes

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I Even Turned Myself on With This Movie...#85, Mind Fuck! is an authentic meeting between myself, Carlo and Danny a 21 year old Bi-Curious college jock with a desire to find a muscle guy he trusted enough to explore his sexuality and his muscle worship fantasy.  This is a gradual seduction done “Boss Style” and to be perfectly honest while editing this film I was turned on just watching myself take full control of his mind and body.  Danny slowly surrendered almost hypnotized as he slipped deeper and deeper into an erotic trance of submission.  Unlike #75 Carlo Pounds Chez, A Night to Remember (Most Watched) this one was a steady slow dance much like watching a snake charmer.

Careful What You Wish For....Danny was more than a willing, he found the website and studied it, he was turned on by the concept.  Good looking and hung, this college athlete has no shortage of women and likes to be in control, the dominant one in any sexual situations.  But, he admits he often wished he could find the right guy, with all the right characteristics and if he did he would give up control and explore another side of his sexuality.  He wanted to fulfill his repressed urged to perform muscle worship and allow himself to be claimed by someone who is legit, the real deal.  After speaking to me on the phone a few times and studying the website he decided I was that guy; he was interested in all scenes but specifically said he would like to be “The Boss’s Boy”.  I was open to meeting, I thought the idea was hot as hell but told him I made no promises until we met, that our meeting would have to be on film, an informal Boss Cam and it would happen organically and filmed as it happened. Read the Blog Post: Raw Seduction #85 Mind Fuck is Released

Getting in His Head, and Re-programing...Even in the short trailer you can see exactly where Danny fell into his trance, the minute I put my hand on him you can see him exhale, just release all inhibitions.  I knew at that point I was fully in his head, he had fully surrendered. What was just as erotic for me was how bad he wanted it and how he was willing to do anything to earn the title of the Boss’s Boy, but it was real.  I had all intentions of feeding him a boss load, but I too went with it and didn’t contain my urge to take full and complete control.  I knew that this boy needed me to fuck him, and fuck him long and hard to satisfy his long awaited need for a muscle guy like me.

This is the night Danny became The Boss’s Boy, and you get to watch me, the ultimate alpha-male, the master magician work my magic simply by my presence, the sound of my voice and the touch of my hand to rock this guys world in a way that you and I know it was never rocked before and will never be rocked again; unless of coarse he sticks around. 

Mind Fuck2, Tied, Tortured, Used ...The sequel to this one is also available, Danny is back and Pete was added to the equation; Boss pulls the strings!  Get it today!


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Comments: 18

I watch this one often, hot and hard core but only The Boss can handle a mind fuck carried out with such precision. It's actually beautiful to watch and I envy Danny I wish I could find someone so hot, captivating and masculine to give me an out of body experience like this. A Must See and a Must See Again!
I truly am speechless. I can't even begin to explain how hot this was to me.
Boss: You got into all of our heads. In a sense, we are all your boys. Ultimate Alphas do that instinctively, and the boys (betas) naturally surrender. It's reality.
Sexuality and the connections it brings is very much about physicality; but it is as much ~ if not more so ~ about intellect and charisma ... the ability to wield these...to use these powerful tools. The Boss is blessed with an amazing body but it is his use of his mind and intuition to engage others that makes him so alluring. It is not surprising that in this Boss Cam he moves straight college jock Danny to new places of discovery ~ teaching him to trust his impulses and providing a safe discreet forum where Danny can open his mind and let his desires take shape. The beginning conversation between the two is as intense as their physical play because the Boss asks great questions ~ he could be a great radio interviewer ~ and Danny proves to be an articulate young man who has thought about what turns him. Once the Boss reveals his beautifully muscled body to Danny it is not z long period of time before the jock is on his knees sucking and begging to become the Boss's boy ~ willing to suck his cock and take his impressive throbbing cock in his jock pussy. The fuck which the Boss throws Danny is intense for the way that the had thrusts match the cries by Danny for the Boss to "Fuck me!....Seed me!". The Boss does not fail to satisfy.....making Danny his "bitch"...forcing his legs back with knees near his ears to fill his hole balls deep until he whitewashes his insides after a near hour-long raw fuck ~ initiating yet another satisfied bro into the Muscle Mafia!
Don't make the same mistake as I did and rent this... After I saw it once, I had to go back and get it lifetime! It was so hot watching Carlo get Danny to open up to him at the marina that it took my breath away when I first saw Carlo's massive body in that hot blue shirt. Loved being able to see his body in the mirror -- great contrast of Carlo's massive build and the skinny kid. You can really see why Carlo is The Boss as he gets Danny to confess that he wants the Boss' cum. All this before the most amazing suck and fuck scene so far. Love the shots from Danny's POV when Carlo is slamming him. Carlo devastated Danny and I got to look up at him as he did it. As all the Boss' bois say, "THANK YOU, BOSS."
Love the socks.
love the intimacy more intimacy please! i love releases with intimacy and passion between the two people, just like how Matt & Adam have a connection, Carlo had such passion and intimacy with Danny
Carlo's voice is enough to make you cum. Great video demonstrating what this site seems to be about. I agree with pecslave that making Danny feel connected made for a great scene with intimacy. Also it made me really want to suck Carlos' cock... will be in NYC aug 15-22
Had to watch this one again! Masterful Boss! God how a man like you exists gives me hope for this world! Keep it up!
Carlo you are so passionate with Danny! thats the difference between this fuck scene and the one you did previously, PASSION!!! INTIMACY!
I cannot think of more to say than that I just spent $70 to BUY this movie! I will not & cannot justify spending this much on any other site. I haven't even seen the scene yet but between the description and the screenshots, I was sold! From seeing Carlo in that tight blue shirt to his hand on Danny's chin...it just called my name. Trust me, I can't afford to buy every movie but I've bought at least 20 movies, most from when the DVD's were available. I love EVERY one of them. You won't be let down by any of them. Carlo has IT and so does his crew. His movies are well worth the money and he backs up his promises...both in front of the camera and behind it.
Extremely Hot! Danny has my vote as the Boss's Boy he is a cutie with a masculine voice and a big fucking dick on such a young dude. Your 2 bodies together are hot as hell to watch. Im glad Danny's mask showed his eyes because they tell the whole story you can see in his eyes you own him. Great film
Oh Yes Pecslave that part, did you notice that Carlo did that through the mask and teased him, did you notice Danny's body weaken and then how Carlo went in for more pounding action. Very hot to see, but I have a feeling that was a strategic move on Carlo's part to gain a little bit more control over Danny. But all the same STEAMY fucking hot I will agree with you on that one.
holy shit! steamy, erotic, domination, passionate one of the best domination videos out there!! Carlo took control and gave Danny everything he got. Danny is one lucky guy to get fucked by Carlo and he was lucky to service him. Loved when Carlo kissed Danny through the mask that was hot! Carlo you should do kissing scenes!!! It was hot when you were cradling him while fucking him RELENTLESSLY!!! definite hot list!
I would love to see more Danny, I agree with Thankfulbottom's comments this is a powerful scene and Carlo does that the that special something to captivate you even through the Internet! This is just epic work, and in my opinion does not do it justice to just call it porn it is most definitely masterful and as Carlo states raw seduction that starts with Danny's mind and touches all his senses. Danny is a hot fucker himself, masculine young spirit who wants to explore, a big powerful dick of his own not some senseless twink or gay boy which only proves Carlo can seduce men and does not waste his time on twit gay boys. This is definitely a life-timer!!
Hey guys, this scene is so powerful and is titled perfectly. It is all about the hottest, most powerful and muscular man, using his experience, body and intellect to get into the mind of an inexperienced, slender, hung, sexy, rising crew member's head for a total conquer that will leave you breathless. The Boss is a master at getting what he wants to the point your mind will be fucked with and you will think you are Danny. That is masterful work Boss when you can reach into cyberspace and mind fuck your viewers. Pay special attention to how the Boss slaps Danny's cock and how well Danny takes it. Check out every muscle of the Boss and you can see why Danny "surrenders". Wouldn't you? They have contrasting bodies, differing experience levels and ages, but when seen together, I challenge you to get through the whole 45 minutes without shooting your load. Listen to what the Boss says, watch him use his power to fuck Danny, listen to Danny respond, and see how each gets what they ultimately want. I can't wait to see what the Boss can get out of Danny in the future. This has to be just the beginning.
Excellent! Very Very hot scene Boss your body is excellence and so is this film. Danny is adorable nice big dick you made him all yours Boss, he won't find anything better than you! Another best seller for sure!