84 Matt and Adam Summer Fuck -

Approx Run Time: 31 Minutes

The Buddy System

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This is an expidited release, and you asked for it... The release of this film got bumped up and sped up because of last weeks release of #83 “Brotein Shake: Matt and Adam’s Special Blend”.  You asked if Matt and Adam will ever fuck again… rather than answer you Im showing you...

The Bromance Continues… Frankly I am not too into using the word “Bromance” in a serious way but it does describe that special bond, that chemical comfort level and genuine connection between 2 guys.  Adam, as you read in his profile was a tough one to finally get on film, and when he did none of us could have predicted what I was able to bring out of him.   I think his prolonged hesitation about filming with me had very little to do with the concept of guy on guy, or what some might call forbidden sex, yet had far more to do with the fear that he actually might like it.  t was no doubt, the unique set up of The Muscle Mafia and how I do things here that made him let go of his fears and actually see things from a different perspective.  Sex with the right guy, with the right connection is a sport, and is in fact very masculine.  The fact that it is forbidden and secretive no longer becomes the fear, but becomes part of the actual attraction; therefore making it far more intense than any other sexual experience.  

Tempted… Not since #53 Christmas Wish 2009 Matt Gives and Adam Receives has Matt fucked Adam on film.  Since that film, requests for more Matt and Adam fucking became a recurring email subject from fans.  So when we finished a photo shoot a bit early this night, we were hanging around having a few drinks I merely “suggested” and well maybe “tempted” the guys to allow me to film them together, nothing formal and no guarantee it would be released.  If it was something I felt we should release, they would be fairly compensated.  6 minutes into filming, I said very little but knew this one would end up in the line up of movies and would be perfect for the new musclematt.com.  When the filming was over, and I ran through some of the film, they too agreed this a must see and were comfortable with that. 

Forget Im there!  I left it up to them as to what they wanted to do.  With no pre-planning, no script and no clue what these guys wanted to do I just let the camera roll and told them to forget I was there.  

Real, Raw, Mutual Muscle Worship… In my opinion, this was probably one of the hottest scenes shot because both Matt and Adam were into it and a very real interaction of 2 muscle studs that have worked out together, filmed scenes together and developed a special bond and sexual comfort level evolved naturally.  These are the things you can’t fake, make-up or pretend and to watch the scene escalate to where they were making out and fucking is as real as it gets.

The Kissing… I stopped at one point for a bathroom break and came back to find Matt and Adam making out, I picked up the camera and resumed filmed but not before I told them they looked “OFF THE HOOK!” Both were in full court, stiffy mode with raging hard-ons.  I didn’t even want to break the mood to have them put their masks back on.  I decided to leave the kissing in the film first because they lost themselves in the moment and because anyone who may have had or may eventually have this sort of mutual connection with a friend, or a gym buddy could related and would enjoy the authenticity of these men.

Raw Summer Fuck..Yes Matt fucked Adam raw, which is more proof of the trust and comfort these guys have for each other.  This was not a hardcore domination fuck scene like we would normally shoot, but a hardcore fuck scene where 2 muscle jocks took advantage of an opportunity to connect on a physical level and allow the environment I create to take them there! 

Billed for Damages...On a side note, during the filming while trying to open the sofa I broke it,  and then the guys shot such big loads the room was a crime scene with cum splatter all over the sofa and floors.  When all was said and done, I had to pay for the sofa but that was collateral damage well worth the expense as a result of shooting #84 Summer Fuck!  Sure to be another Muscle Mafia Hit!

For more scenes with these 2, see both Matt and Adam's profiles and movie resumes, and also see some the suggestion thumbnails below. 

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Comments: 20

Yo!!! The kissing was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! I cum so hard just hearing Matt's tongue and mouth wrestle another dude's. Fuck! I hope there's more of that.
The deep tongue kissing is as hot as anything in these videos. Really makes me hard.
Beautiful bodies. Kissing was very hot.
The kissing scene was very hot. Amazing chemistry.
Adam's SPERM is like thick gobs of JOCK MAYONAISE !!!
I also came on to see Kyle but ended up watching Adam and Matt. Very hot video, the kissing makes the video that much better because you don't expect it. One thing I have to say sucks is not being able to see what they look like, but their bodies are still amazing. I cant wait to see Kyle get rammed. That is going to be extremely hot!
Came to this site for Kyle but clearly staying for Adam. This video was intensely hot. The way it starts out with Matt and Adam just hanging out on the couch watching tv (Seinfeld...lol, that gave me a laugh) made the anticipation of things to come that much more intense. From the side by side jerkoff to showing Adam's ass. THANK GOD for an ass like that. Matt definitely takes care of it for the hundreds and hundreds of viewers out there who can't do it personally. My favorite part: when Adam tells Matt to stop talking and just fuck him. I almost busted without warning because that just tells you how into it they both were. The kissing, fucking phenomenal. Love this scene and can't wait to explore more of this site in the days to come. Wow, to have been a fly on the wall in that room during this scene (I'm sure I'll be saying that to every scene I watch).
Seeing Matt and Adam on film one cannot help but think that he is seeing a Caravaggio painting of two BEAUTIFUL muscled men come to life. Each Of these guys exhibits an eroticism that is beyond words ~ sexy stud Matt shares Carlo's leadership vibe and is volcanic and "take charge" while Adam who boasts an amazing body and sweet muscle ass is smoldering charisma waiting to be "taken" by his bro. I always marvel at Carlo's extraordinary gift for capturing visuals...for example when the camera falls on these straight studs ~ UNMASKED ~ enjoying real, unscripted, passionate kissing. On seeing "Christmas Wish 2009" if there might be *something* between these brothers and Carlo let's us see that, yes, there is deep admiration and longing that Matt and Adam have for each other. Their "devotion" does not require a label nor is it scripted. These muscle gods worship each other in a way that is full of passion and beauty. It is mesmerizing t. see their tongues intertwined in an unabashed making out, to watch Adam lie on his back and open his thick muscled legs wide for his buddy and to watch Matt stroke his thick cock in anticipation of the chance to breed his bro. Matt reveals his deep desire for Adam's jock cunt when he screams "Oh my god, Adam....your ass is perfect....smooth as silk!". Adam's worship and submission to Matt is a marvel to behold and his just below the surface passion ultimately gives way to unbridled desire when he says to Matt "Just stop talking and FUCK ME!" At that moment we know that Carlo has set in motion a HOT pairing of studs that will give Muscle Mafia followers much to look forward to. When Adam empties his huge nut sac and displays that now legendary display of what seems like a gallon of his mayonaise-thick cum. We know that Carlo is proud of his two sexy proteges and we are all lucky to witness ~ and be inspired by ~ the passion these straight guys have for worshiping each other. Here's to the chance to more of Matt breeding Adam!
Im getting hard as I'm typing this just thinking about how hotttt this video was. I loved the chemistry between Matt and Adam. They hit it off right away and brought new meaning to kissing. I could blow a load just watching and listening to both of their tongues touch each other. While Matt's and Adam are kissing...Matt's hands are all over Adam's sexy bubble but. This video gave that bubble but the attention it needs. It was hot watching Matt's big dick go deep into Adam and listening to Matt always checking to see if Adam was ok with it. HOT! Not only was it hot watching his dick go into Adams tight hole, but just watching him finger it i think was just as good! Fucking great video these 2 work perfect together and need to do it again soon!! Everyone needs to buy this video and watch these 2 in action!
I love the passion and eroticism! It's really hot knowing you guys have so much of a connection and trust that you will go at it. More of a blessing that you show us :)
Love the kissing too! I never get tired of watching Matt fuck, these guys together were beautiful to watch. Adam is a god too and its incredible to see such a stud submit to Matt and enjoy it so much.
A fantastic film filled with intense energies. Best part: when these muscle gods kiss, passionately. This is what muscle worship dreams are made of.
Very nice video only thing that would of made my day would be Matt eating Adam's amazing hole. Wow loved just looking at Adam's hole. I would eat that for days. The kissing yes finally is all I can say.
Wow this is amazing! Matt looks super gorgeous as usual and the chemistry between these two is off the charts. The kissing is definitely what makes this scene even hotter. Hopefully we get to see more kissing from now on...maybe have another Billy and Matt scene? Also loving the weekly releases. MUCH better than waiting months for a new vid! Keep up the amazing work guys!
This is an instant Matt Classic. Was amazing how hard Matt's cock got when he was playing with Adam's ass but also understandable when Matt knew that hot body and ass of Adam's was his to take. It is so hot to see two muscular alpha males kissing.....and I mean some great kissing. Matt has never looked better.....his abs are amazing.....hard pecs with those big nipples and then that beautiful ass of Matt's...watching that ass of his while he fucks Adam might make you blow your load sooner than you want. Adam is really something special....beautiful muscular body....kind of body a man wants to punch to see it is as hard as it looks or maybe wrestle Adam to see if he is as strong as he looks.......he has an ass that had me thinking of all the things I would like to do to it. Love the fact that Adam begs for Matt to fuck him harder....why do I think that Adam would really like to get roughed up during sex? Then there are the cum shots from these two muscular studs.......dear lord......the cum shots......we knew that Matt had an enormous load but Adam also really got off....so much and so thick. Of course, watching these two muscle studs go at it made me shoot a bigger load than usual. We have had two great Adam/Matt videos.....could there will be a third???I hope so.
Finally! I've wanted to see this movie ever since I saw the preview from Summer 2010. I knew this was going to be sizzling hot. I had no idea about the super hot kiss until I watched the video. I love the chemistry of Matt & Adam, they're really into each other. Thank you boss for releasing this movie. Hopefully to see more kissing and fucking movies! I'm glad I won't have to wait a month or so to see a new movie. Love the new weekly release! Keep it up boss!
STEAMY HOT! kissing is so erotic, natural and epic! pure masculinity, pure rawness, matt and adam are a perfect pairing, they have so much chemistry and trust in each other, hands down the best part of the video was the kissing! more kissing videos! who else did matt make out with?
Hot film, I jerked off to it twice. For me, the kissing was the highlight, especially the part where Matt and Adam were standing up making out, and Matt couldn't keep his hands off Adam's ass. In #45, A Soldier Salutes Adam, the parts where the soldier was kissing on Adam's neck drove me wild, and to see him actually making out with another guy in this film was more than I could've hoped for. I'm hoping that one day soon Kyle will follow their lead and make out with a guy on film. In any case, keep the new films coming- I'm loving the pace of the releases. The wait leading up to the website revamp was almost unbearable, haha, but it's been worth it.
Mother Fucking HOT! If you still have that sofa I would def buy it for what ever you paid for it and then some. Email me Boss!
wow!!! dont know if this was a mistake, but checking the whole list, i found in number cero the 84 movie... and a few seconds of hard sex between matt and adam made me cum right away!!! what a HOT kiss!!! this is the kind of sex i love between males. absolutely flawless!