#83 A Brotein Shake, Matt and Adam's Special Blend -

Approx Run Time: 12 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 19


An Aquired Taste...You will remember Travis from #54 Scene 3, Feeding Ethan, he is Ethan’s buddy who came along to watch.  At the time Travis was just feeling his way out with muscle worship.  After that film he kept in touch with me and asked specifically for Matt and Adam in this one.  It seems after watching his buddy enjoy getting fed a big thick load from Brad in #54, Travis did a little research on swallowing the cum of healthy bodybuilders and developed a craving for a dose or 2 of his own.

Healthy Late Night Snack...Here is where the story gets a little interesting; Travis was in the city having a few drinks with college buddies to celebrate his recent engagement to his girlfriend. You know how it is when you have a few drinks you get the munchies; apparently Travis wanted a healthy late night snack.  As a fitness buff himself and guy who works out alot he likes to eat healthy and natural so he put in his order for 1 Brotein shake Muscle Mafia style and requested a special organic blend of Matt and Adam.  Since it was almost 1 a.m. we got right to the point.

The deal with Travis was because he needed to be very careful about his identity he would of coarse wear a mask and he preferred a scene that didn’t require him to do much talking or a long intro, so we all hung out a bit first, got comfortable then cameras rolled.

5 Day Loads...Travis watched in awe as the guys undressed and sported 2 proud boners.  They jerked off a while then Travis reached over to help them out.  Matt and Adam told us off camera they both had a plan to hold out from cumming for 5 days before filming this so they can give Travis a nice healthy “Cocktail” and they weren’t kidding! 

Super-Sperm...Here is how you know my boys are healthy specimens that brew super-sperm, Adam shot off first into the glass, he couldn’t hold out and from his load you can see why his bull balls were full!  Adam’s load shot out and stuck to the sides of the glass like string cheese!  A little while later Matt busted his nut into the glass and you know his loads, his dick pumped shot after shot of white milky brotein like vanilla yogurt exploded in the glass.  Then Matt reached across and handed Travis a double cum shot that was marinating in Matt and Adams balls for 5 days, he drank it down and even used his finger to scoop up what was stuck to the inside of the glass.  

Now that’s something you won’t find on the smoothie menu at the gym, not yet at least but the medical community has caught on to we started and what I have been saying for years, ever since we shot the Matt Classic, #20 a musclematt Martini!  even as far back as #4 the special request short film, cum glazed Cheerios, Breakfast of Champions.  Google the concept as always we were way ahead of our time; search the net, read for yourselves.

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I am from India and I love India Pale Ale aka IPAs and I might try brotein.
I'm Italian and I love wine ........but henceforth I'll drink sth different !!! I must change my tastes..............
pure alpha male muscle protein!