#82 Switch! Matt, Brad and Kyle Tag Team Pound Chez -

Approx Run Time: 45 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 86


Special Presentation, Blessed Event... 8+2=10, #82 switch was shot during our 10 year Anniversary shoot and celebration, so it is appropriately numbered, and appropriately named.  Shot exclusively at The Muscle Mafia Mansion; Matt, Brad and Kyle specifically chosen for this “Blessed Event”  brutally tag teams Chez, the cock sucker I pounded out in #75. Read the blog post ( #82, Switch Released, The Back Story).  This was a grueling all day all night shoot.  Just about 12 hours into that day we finally got to the scene that is now Switch!

After we wrapped, Matt, Brad and Kyle each went to their bedrooms and their own personal showers, while I set Chez in another bedroom to wait until they were ready.  When they were they waited in the hallway upstairs until I went up to let them at him, and at him they went!  They forged into the room in single file, focused like navy seals on a covert attack mission.

Boners In a Circle...This was a tough one to film and to edit, in the first 10 seconds Brad grabs Chez and immediately stuffs his throat with all of his 9x7 inches while Kyle and Matt cheered him on and got hard watching.  I knew this was going to be an interesting night.  Then from there Chez was tossed around and moved from cock to cock.  They were on the floor, on one bed, the other bed, had him on his knees, on his back, on his stomach.  Body parts where moving everywhere, boners in a circle as they grabbed his head and yelled Switch! and he moved to the next cock.  The guys looked amazing, sweating all day in 85 degree heat, they were ripped, showered, feeling good ...horned and aggressive.

Brad Goes From Behind, Chez is Stuffed Like a Thanksgiving Day Turkey...Then while Matt and Kyle kicked back on the bed, Chez was bent over sucking and switching from both their dicks as Brad went from behind and went balls deep in Chez’s ass.  Stuffed from both ends, look around at a 3 muscle studs you can visibly see Chez was in sensory overload.  He didn’t know if he should cry from pleasure or pain with Brad’s monster cock being thrust up his ass with the power and force of 270 pounds of 6’7” alpha muscle!

Using Every Hole...Then, for the rest of the night all 3 crew members took turns using Chez’s mouth and his ass, and most times using both at the same time as they all cheered each other on.  I think if they could have found a third hole somewhere a cock would fit they would have taken that too!

Drenched in Muscle Cum..When they were ready, with Kyle still fucking Chez’s ass, Matt busted nut all over Chez’s face and in his mouth.  Now drenched with Matt’s Cum he switched to sucking off Kyle and then got a face full and mouth full of Kyle.  Cum soaked, and visibly tired Chez still had to get BigBrad off! 

Brad Uses his Cock as a Feeding Tube... He was relentless and made Chez work harder for his load, face fucking him and telling him to work for it; but in Brad’s style coached and learned by me, he wanted to be different he wrapped both hands behind Chez’s head and stuffed his python cock down Chez’s throat until he finished pumping off a big brad big thick muscle load, gagging and choking Chez and enjoying it.  Brad bi-passed his mouth snaked it right down Chez’s throat.  As a side note I saw Chez’s eyes, and you will too; I thought this boy was going to pass out while his air was blocked off for the time it took Brad to decide he was finished giving Chez a direct cum injection to the stomach.    Anyone else I am sure would have passed out, if they even lasted that far; Chez was a champ.  The crew gave each other a high-five and in single file, just as they came in, they left the bedroom heading for the dining room to eat a well earned meal of their own.

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Comments: 28

Very possibly my favorite porn scene. Not simply my favorite scene from this site, but my favorite scene of all time from any producer ever. I love how the guys use Chez and order him around, and I'd give just about anything to trade places with him in this scene. My ultimate fantasy. And I love the masks. Sure, they conceal the guy's identities, but they also let me imagine whoever I want to be behind the masks. Even better, being from the area, it could even actually be guys I actually know and fantasize about. Love the scene, and can't recommend it highly enough to guys who are into this dynamic.
So fucking hot. Every man is so sexy. I would do anything they wanted! Kyle is extra yummy.
like it
Wow, so hot!!! What I would give to be the bottom in this scene! The guys are all hot, and Kyle just drives me wild. I'd love to worship his body, drink his piss straight from the tap, suck his dick and balls, get fucked by him, and swallow every last drop of his cum. Delicioso!
Watching Kyle fuck is hands down one of the hottest things ever! And Brads verbal and Matts hot load were both incredible! But wow I could watch Kyle fuck for hours!
This movie was awesome. Brad and Matt are super hot, but Kyle is the best. What a perfect scene. 3 perfect bodies using a mouth and hole. Loved it.
This video is fucking amazing.... alpha males dominating a cum-hungry cock sucker... taking every inch of muscle dick and his ass. The kicker was the last load down the cock suckers throat that he didn't get chance to taste. GREAT MUSCLE ASSES!
I really enjoyed this video. I want to worship every single one of them all day long. I wish I was in the middle of it all.
This video is hot. I shot 3 times. All were hot and perfect but Kyle was by far my favorite. I'd worship his body All day and night. Love him.
@zark I'm definitely fine with overloading on any of these muscle-bound gods! They just treat Chez like a cum sucking king. I love it all.
Wow - this one needs repeated viewing to appreciate all that is going on! From Brad's dominant attitude to Kyle's perfect muscle to Matt's total package, it's a feast for the eyes, ears, and other parts! This is a cocksucker's fantasy cum to life.
Hot fuckin video cuz you finally got 3 Bodybuilders in one video. I think this is one of a kind and about time. Can't wait for a scene where two bodybuilders tag team another huge big ass bottom bodybuilder like he is a pussy, maybe double fuck his huge squatters ass like I love to do when we are tag teaming chicks all night long
You say you like muscle....you can almost overload on the muscle in this video.....Brad, Kyle, and Matt. Besides all the hard muscle there are three of the best asses in the world to be admired as they pound away, three huge cock, and three great cum shots.....makes for an awesome clip. Have to admit....I couldn't take my eyes off of Kyle....the man has a perfect body.
Wow, no doubt why this one is the best seller of all for 2013 so far! An incredible assemblage of trophy bodies, testosterone and raw male power captured by the MASTER and authority in muscle worship none other than The Boss, Carlo himself. How they took turns on cock sucker chez and hearing Carlo call out some subtle directions and remarks from behind the camera was hot reminded me The Boss was there and I liked that.
dabronx - gotta use firefox as a browers, when you use safari to watch videos it pauses
This video is great. If your into verbal this has some of the better verbal scenes. However, once again, a couple second shot of Carlo's ass in a tight pair of jeans was the highlight for me!
I seriously wish I was chez. Gotta agree it would've been great to see kyle's and brad arm flexing and taking turns putting their butt on his face while it's hanging over the bed. But was a great vid. My only problem is that the vid pauses alot before going on. Anyone else?
@pecslave, yeah, a pec and ass worship movie would be awesome. Don't get me wrong, I've loved every movie Kyle's appeared in, but he's worked so hard building up some of the most perfect pecs I've ever seen, and the cocksuckers that have been turned loose on him have barely put a hand on his chest. Yeah, he has a nice dick that I'm happy to see sucked, but there's so much more to his body- his chest, ass, legs, and arms are stunning. Hope to see him in a movie soon with a guy who appreciates his entire body.
How could you been with these men and not lick their pits and assholes. God I want to see these boys get eaten out hard core. Let me at those guys and they would walk away wet all over. I fucking love these men!!
Hot fucking men wish we saw more hard ass pounding from Matt.
i agree KyleandJoeyFan & jag2power. asses deserved to be licked worshipped and eaten pecs and nipples need to be kissed, licked, sucked and worshipped could there be a all pec worship video in the future?
Good concept for #82, nice site renovatons, love the gods -Matt, Brad and Kyle. Just wished each one of these gorgeous men had his ass licked, tongued and devoured by the cocksucker. They deserve it!
Good movie, but I wish Chez would've spent some time worshipping Kyle's beautiful, perfect pecs (not to mention his amazing ass). Please tell me there's a movie in the pipeline where Kyle's chest is properly worshipped, and his incredible nipples are sucked, by a cocksucker who's really into pecs...
finally watched all of it - what a way to launch the refurbished site with 82! amazing! non-stop cock sucking of of 3 alpha muscle gods getting serviced unbelievable release MUST RECOMMEND! get it for your lifetime playlist because you will never get tired of it! chez is very lucky enough to service the muscle crew and he was even luckier to taste their muscled protein riched milk! TRUELY AMAZING VIDEO!
Just bought this one. Haven't watched it completely yet but I fucking love when Brad came into Chez's throat. That was effin' hot! Anything with Brad is good in my book and this ain't no exception. Gotta love Brad!
This looks incredible, I can't wait to watch it!!
OMG! EPIC! 3 INCREDIBLE ALPHA MUSCLE GODS so much muscle in one video! the preview itself is hot! what a true use of a slave and power of his masters. Kyle, Brad and Matt are ripped, relentless and aggressive, just the way i like it