80 Speechless! David Gets 2 Matt Loads -

Approx Run Time: 30 Minutes

The Buddy System

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David in total Awe!  He was Speech Less!  2 separate filmings of Matt and David, he couldn't get enough Matt cum the first time so we Blessed him again a second time. I wonder, does a film with Matt require any explanation at this point.  Matt looks outstanding as always, and the cock sucker can't wait to get a load from Matt, again as always.

This is David you will recognize him from #28 the Most Watched, Best Selling Boss Scene Carlo Uses and Abuses David!  When we filmed 28, David was confused, he was all about The Boss, but kept eyeing up Matt.  If there was someone elese there to film that night, Matt and I could have tagged teamed him but why give it all to him so quickly right?  David proved to be a good guy, so we kept him on the list, the Cock Suckers on Call List (COC List) that is.  But David apparently put us on a list of his own because I was getting calls and emails from him asking when he could suck off and service Matt; of coarse it had to be filmed.

This is another from The Vault, released with the new musclematt.com.  Matt meet with David on 2 separate occassions, and is Blessed 2 separated times, both are in this movie. Its amazing how guys react to Matt when he takes his clothes off and his dick out, like Jamie in #77 A Beer and A Blow Job, you can see in David's eyes and on his face he is in total awe of Matt.

David is speechless throughout pretty much most of this and that fact that he did NOT wear a mask, (he preferred not to) made his silent admiration actually a good thing in this film because his face, his blushing, his heavy breathing, nervous hands and wide eyes said far more than any words could ever say...stunned speechless.  David's hands are all over Matt's pecs and abs as he dives deep on Matt's perfectly curved 8 inch trophy cock. 2 loads and in both scenes and David opens his mouth to take both loads from our Super-shooter, Super-sperm Matt.  Again watch his face and eyes as Matt's nuts deliver David's Blessing.

Then in both scenes David sits back and just lets his eyes run up and down and all over Matt's body as he sits and jerks off, getting off on the idea thta he just was fed a load from Matt and the vision of Matt, A Work of Living Art, was live in the flesh right in front of him.

A very hot scene, another inspired by the presence that is Muscle Matt!

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As a big fan of the Carlo/David DVD (still watch it to this day!), I knew having him back and paired with Matt...well, it's was a must buy for me. It truly is another classic. I like the variety of Carlo's releases...some features interview/setups while others go right into the action, which this did. I love verbal. There isn't that much verbal in the 2 scenes here but the visuals MORE than make up for that. Matt's cum scene in the first part was EPIC! I played that part back quite a few times...one of the best cum shots in my opinion. Since I appreciate verbal, I loved when after Matt came, he asked David if he wanted to 'crank one out'...OMG...I nearly busted there! Not scripted...totally spontaneous. Carlo was right when he said David's eyes and silence spoke volumes. His eyes and mouth did most of the speaking! I got halfway thru scene 2 when I came myself. You will not be sorry if you buy this movie.
very very intense! david is very lucky to service muscle god matt!
Wooof! Matt that was hot! You body and dick are amazing I think you are one of the most beautiful men on the planet unfair 1 man has been blessed with so much, but thanks for sharing it all with us. Wish it were me swallowing that sweet juice! Can ya bottle some :) Please
Im speechless! Matt is one beautiful man, with one beautiful cock! Great film guys! Keep up the outstanding work!