76 Kyle Worshipped and Seduced, His First Time! -

Approx Run Time: 43 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 62


Intro and Shower: After shooting all day with me, Kyle chills out on the chair to first introduce himself to you and tell you about his experience shooting with me and joining The Muscle Mafia.

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Then he peels of his sweaty clothes from an all day summer shoot and takes a shower while you watch. He gets nice and clean and is all ready for Keith who helped finance some Kyles shoots to give him a massage and put his hands and his mouth where it counts.

Worshiped and Sucked Off: Kyle meets Keith and gets a full body massage. Keith's hands are all over oiling him up and rubbing him down. Keith grabs Kyles balls and massages his cock and balls. This got the party started.

We find out in this film, that Kyle likes his balls roughed up a little, pulled yanked, sucked and chewed on. I can relate, its my thing too, so maybe in a future film Kyle and I should have someone chew on both my balls and his in a tag team... hmmm there I go, starting trouble!

Anyway, Keith is a champ as the cock sucker and worshipper in this one.  He helps to bring out the cocky alpha male I knew Kyle could be. After cranking up a nice big boner on Kyle, his ego takes charge and pins Keith to the bed holding down his arms while Kyle drives his boner down Keith's throat in a very hot face fucking, ball slapping on the forehead scene. That's my boy! I just let the camera role.

There is something else we found out in this scene, thanks to Keith. Kyle apparently likes to have his ass eaten if the situation is right. It was right and Keith tongue fucks Kyle until he is ready to pull him around and dump a nice load into his mouth.

For his first time on film, Kyle was nervous but did awesome and shows you in this film that my decision to spend time making Kyle into a featured guy was a good one!.

Kyle got over being nervous...Watch how my coaching and mentoring brought out the "Animal" in Kyle in #79, Christmas Wish 2012, Kyle Tears Jason up!  Hardcore scene.  

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Comments: 9

I just wish ther could be more of this Greek god!
He is the man. I only become VIP for him. I hope kyle still looking well.
Very hot. The head over the bed part was outstanding. Lucky cocksucker.
Carlos now that we've seen u fuck brad. You MUST fuck kyle! Please!! And get him in football gear too :)
I am a big fan of Kyle's and loved watching his body being worshiped! It helped that Keith was hot himself and has a big dick. Loved watching Kyle lay Keith down and fuck his face. All I could do was picture myself in Keith's place just laying there and taking his dick deep in my mouth! It was hot watching Kyle sit on Keith's face too. After buying this video i knew it was perfect that i bought Kyle in video #90! Cant go wrong with buying any video with Kyle in it!
I would love to see more ass eating / face sitting...all of the models on this site have got great asses.
Kyle is perfection......what a gorgeous body......the only thing wrong with this video is that it was not long enough......a body like Kyle's needs to be worshiped very slowly and for a very long time. Every inch of that body deserves to be sensually explore and admired and that ass needs some very special attention....maybe Kyle could let Matt have some fun with that ass.
wish his entire body was worshipped -- suck lick kiss his pecs, nipples, bis, tris, pits, traps, abs, back... will there be more kyle worship in the future?
KYLE is a STUNNER! great addition to the mafia crew! gentle yet powerful and godly! i would love to worship service and get fucked like crazy by him