#75 Boss Pounds Chez A Night to Remember -

Approx Run Time: 50 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 55


Chez Tracks me Down: Another must see Boss Cam, Carlo gives Chez a test drive that turned into a wild ride and a long night. Chez stumbled up musclematt.com then found and watched DVD #69 Using and Abusing Christopher (a Boss Best Seller) and realized he knew Chris. Chez tracked Chris down and asked him to put him in touch with me. He did, we spoke, we met and #75 happened!

Sauna Tongue Bath: First I wanted to see if Chez could live up to all the talk of how good he would service and worship me, and lick me from head to toe, literally. So I invited him to meet me in the sauna after a sweaty workout, watch me drip with sweat then lick it off! He did, pecs to the bottom of my feet... "That a Boy Chez!" It was then I knew I had a cock sucker who wanted to earn his chance with The Boss and that was hot!

Back at his Place: We went back to his apartment to continue filming. This was a 3 camera shoot, you will see angles from different points in the room, from my perspective and from Chez's perspective all edited together in my unique Boss Cam style so you can feel as if you are right there watching it happen. The room was painted red, so it cast a red glow, but it is what it is an informal, "gotta do it" real, raw, unscripted Boss Cam.

Face Fucking, Piss Drinking and an Ass Pounding From The Boss: The night started out with me going balls deep with my fat Italian cock using his throat a little. Then when I needed a piss break, Chez and the camera came with me as I let the Boss cock hang out and piss in Chez's open, willing and begging mouth. Then back to sucking my cock! Through out the filming Chez begged me to fuck him; I felt bad for him, so I did. He thanked me in the end, as he should.

Squealing and Whining like a Bitch: I know he wanted it bad, and he states clearly during filming he wants to be The Boss's bitch, no kidding I have fucked girls that whimpered, whined and squeaked less then him. But it made good film and his reaction to my cock and body in every scene was genuine and was a worship and ego pump executed perfectly from a kid who was on his audition to be another cock-sucker-on-call!

I showered, packed it up and kept his number for future films and situations for me and The Crew. I used the number as you will see in upcoming releases.

If you are a Boss fan, check out my photo album and movie resume, for a complete list of movies in which I appear!, Boss Cams, Luck Bastards, Use and Abuse and Wake-up Calls.

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Comments: 7

Great cam work. These lucky bastards getting Boss's cock really need to show a little more respect. Why aren't they eating his beautiful ass more? Hope to see more ass-a-llingus in the fuure. Great hot video. I came 3 times.
Awesome vid! Boss Carlo is an Italian Stallion who made Chez his bitch. Hot as Hell! Classic....
For those new to the MuscleMafia community who have only seen the skills that the Boss displays behind the camera ~ exceptional visuals, artistic direction, and strong guidance of his protege team of muscle jocks AND his deep sexy voice ~ the great discovery is when uou get to see this Italian Stallion in front of the camera! The "Boss Cams" are some of the hottest films on here and with good reason. The Boss brings his alpha male magnetism to them all. Scene #99 "Full Command" as well as others where Boss gets blown or fucks a straight bro's man cunt are scorchers and this scene is no exception! The Boss uses his massive body and charisma to make Chez his "bitch for the night". It is clear from the very beginning that the Boss will take what he wants and Chez "gives it up willingly". We get it all here: foot worship, ball washing with Chez's tongue on the Boss's sweaty nutsac, an awesome piss drinking scene and it's all capped off by the Boss ramming his prick up Chez's tight fuckhole with such gusto that the bro can barely speak except to whimper and beg "fuck me Boss" which is clearly music to the Boss's ears because he pile drives Chez like nobody's business. This scene will have you getting all films with Boss on LIFETIME and with good reason. He is *the* Boss!!!
This is my biggest fantasy come true...
What a great movie! Chez could have spoken more but was probably stunned to silence in awe of the Boss. There should be an entire movie just of licking the sweat from the Boss in the sauna, as that was extremely hot (no pun intended). A must-see!!
Cumvamp, I will agree and say that my eyes did not know where to look first! Carlo's fucking hot abs and pecs, almost not human, his ass, not human, his cock, perfect fat, cut, big thick veins, his voice, powerful, sexy authoritative, slight new york accent when he says "hey chez come ova here". Why can't all men be like this! And to add to it all he did his own camera work while hard core fucking this guy. Men among men, ultimate alpha, and a treasure to watch. Don't miss this one fellow members!
Boss is there anything you can't do with such aggressive style, what a fucking literally fucking stallion!