#74 Blessings From Brad Part 2, Scene 2: Drinking Brad (Using and Abusing Piss Boy Mike) -

Approx Run Time: 32 Minutes

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Drinking Brad's Vitamin Water (Using and Abusing Piss Boy Mike) - I can easily describe this night's events in a few key words: Use, Abuse, Toe Sucking, Armpit Licking, Piss Drinking, Cum Swallowing and a finale with an all body piss soaking from Brad.

This is the second scene from DVD #74 Blessings From Brad Part 2. In scene 1 from this movie you saw Brad Choke Corey with his 9x7 boner on his late night wake-up call, but in this scene, a creepy cock sucker we appropriately call "Piss Boy Mike" (Famous for all of us pissing on him during our Christmas party #46). Mike gets a mouthful of everything that Brad's dick can pump out.

I told Brad to meet me that night after his full workout, and not to shower. I also told him to show up in his worst pair of beat-up smelly sneakers and socks and to bring a gallon of water and a bottle of his favorite after workout drink. I had a plan, Brad was on to it and into it and ready to use and abuse Piss Boy Mike.

Brad and Mike meet, Brad orders him over, sneakers come off and the worship of Brad's big sweaty size 14 feet begins. After Licking and sucking all Brad's toes, smelling his sneakers and stuffing his sweaty workout socks in his mouth it was time for Brad to make this cock sucker wash down the after taste of his feet with a special drink brewed from Brad.

Disgusted by looking at him, Brad made Mike wrap a t-shirt around his head to cover his face and told him to wait there. The camera follows Brad into the bathroom with the empty Vitamin water bottle; Brad drops his big dick out, and fills the bottle to the top with warm vitamin enriched, bodybuilder supplement piss!

With Mike's face still covered, Brad hands him the warm bottle of "Brad's Vitamin Water" and tells Piss Boy Mike to drink it down; he does! From there the next thing for Mike to drink down is a nice thick Big Brad Muscle load; but not before Mike worked for it for a while. Brad, in his true style and my coaching from behind the camera shoves his 9x7 balls deep down Mikes throat. When Brad is ready he feeds him his load... but its not over.

With all the drinking of water, Brad had to piss again, why waist it? We threw Mike in the shower, Brad stood tall over him and emptied another massive bladder full of warm muscle piss all over Mikes face and in his mouth.

We packed up and left Mike marinating in Brad's piss!

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Comments: 5

So fucking hot! Every urinal is blessed by Brad's superior penis and golden nectar!
Such a great video. Wish i was the lucky guy After gym sweat that was hot
Carlo and Brad are hands down the hottest men in the Muscle Mafia. Their masculine chemistry and energy reveal themselves atsuch a strong level when they do these hardcore scenes. Brad has a massive muscle physique that he develops with Carlo's expert guidance and Carlo is just a tower of alpha muscle energy. What better way to display their god-like status than by using a hot "pissboy" who is all too willing and hungry and able to take on Brad's massive cock and service it in the way it deserves attention. This scene shows that the Boss's investment in Brad is well worth it and Brad keeps giving his fans more and more reasons to admire him. Let's get more of hunk Brad and Boss Carlo on screen!
i love brad, and i can imagine a lot of videos with him, hope the boss take avantage of him to record many videos in diferent places and doing new things for us