74-1 Corey's wake up Call, Brad Chokes Corey with his 9x7! -

Approx Run Time: 33 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 17


Corey's Wake-up Call, a short road trip, and 9 long fat inches of Big Brad stuffs his throat! (Filmed in Night Vision) - After a night out with The Boss, Brad has the urge to feed some cock sucker a load and chooses Corey, the triple cum swallowing cock sucker from #67, tag teaming Corey. The late night call was made, Corey meets us in the truck to start sucking Brad off. Getting blown in the back seat of an Escalade might work for some but for an almost 7 feet tall Brad, it just wasn't working so we drive to a secluded outdoor location where Brad resumes face fucking and choking Corey with his 9x7 dick. Corey gets a mouthful of Brad's cum, mission accomplished and a BLESSING delivered once again!

Watch what Boss and Brad make Piss Boy Mike swallow in the scene called "Drinking Brad".  See Brad's entire movie resume, photos and profile on the crew pages.

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That's the whole bresaola, and Sunday meatballs. Damn. What a lucky cocksucker.
Carlo, the "Boss", is an amazing teacher as well as hard bodied muscle man himself. He has assembled a crew of incredible studs who are also "Blessed" with strong bodies and masculine driven sexuality ~ 6 foot 7 inch, 240lb Brad is chief among them. The lucky men who encounter the Boss and his crew are those who understand or learn about the needs of studs like Big Brad to be worshiped and and Corey is no exception. This guy knows that it is an honor to be called at a random time of night and the istruction of this stud meet for a late night session to take a ride and drink from Brad's huge and very full tanks. Corey does not fail to meet this obligation and follows through admirably because he knows the privilege he has of receiving the call and receiving that most valuable of elixirs ~ a huge load from the nearly 10inch manhood of a muscle god!