#73 Scene 2- Matt Jerks Brad off with his Flexed Bicep! -

Approx Run Time: 15 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Scene 2: Matt Jerks Brad off with his Bicep- This is never seen film footage from The Vault, filmed during the summer over a year ago and added to this DVD as the second scene.  A fan obsessed with male biceps, but more specifically obsessed with Matt and his biceps in particular became a new fan of Brads and wanted to see both guys working out and pumping up, yes you guessed it biceps.  So on a 85 degree summer day we filmed this scene first at the field of a High School and then back in a closed private garage with some weights.

Matt and Brad got in a workout, throwing the weight back and forth to each other pumping up their biceps.  First in gym shorts, then in underwear, then BALLS OUT, cock swinging naked; this lead to a sweaty Matt and Brad popping boners and using them to finish the workout.  With Matt’s pumped / flexed bicep he lets Brad put his hard dick between his flexed bicep and his closed elbow and uses that space to jerk Brad off.  Watch Brad get into the idea of using Matt’s bicep as a jerk off device and watch him bust a creamy muscle nut all over Matt’s bicep and arm.Hey what are buds for anyway, right?

Don't miss Scene 1 of of #73 Brad Jerking Matt off with his Size 14 Feet! 

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Matt has the hottest fuckin biceps.. I would love to shoot my load on his gun then lick it off - then have Matt cum on his bicep and lick up every drop.