#73 Scene 1 Brad Jerks Matt off with His Size 14 Feet -

Approx Run Time: 27 Minutes

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#73 Scene 1: Brad Jerks Matt of with His Size 14 Feet- This was footage just recently shot of Matt and Brad hanging out.  Like The Muscle Matt Classic DVD 19.5 “Athlete’s feet” where Matt gets his feet worshiped and cums on his own feet this scene had a little twist. The premise is Brad’s size 14 feet and the mission was for Brad to jerk a load out of Matt with his big feet, have Matt bust his massive nut all over Brad’s feet, then Brad jerk off on his own feet and clean it all up with a pair of worn smelly Brad gym socks and send it all off to the buyer.  Mission DONE!  Buyer happy and wanting more. (and more is coming)

But as usual we like to deliver a little more than what was promised so the guys got into it lubing up Brad’s feet making them really slick to rub all over Matt’s ripped body and raging hard cock.  Brad showed us another one of his untapped talents of being very good with his feet that were used like hands to massage Matt and milk a load from him.  Matt busted one of his big loads all over Brad’s feet dripping in between his toes.  The warm feel of Matt’s muscle cum on his feet get Brad off and he too busted a massive muscle cum shot on his own feet.  All this cum was wiped up with a worn pair of Brad’s gym socks, zip locked and sent off to the paying adoring fan; hot scene, fun to make fun to watch. 

See Scene 2 where Matt jerks Brad off with his flexed bicep and other body part fetish films in the Feet and Body Parts Category.

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Thank You boss for mind fucking me every single time I bust a nut watching these videos, Your time, commitment, Effort and over whelming amounts of orgasmic testoterone that go into these videos is outstanding! the way the videos are Directed and made are so incredible. as a fan for almost 7 years watching the Members and the site grow has been a journey. I love the way you have an authority over me when I click play I am inside I feel "The Boss's World", I feel like I enter your videos in a trance where my dick just for some reason cant go down until I bust.