#72 Christmas Wish 2011, Matt & ( D )Aaron Gets His Wish! -

Approx Run Time: 45 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 30


Aaron's Road Trip...Aaron a site fan and a big fan of Matt’s drives 4 hours for one of his power cum shots and wants to be the first to get pounded out by "Diesel D" who debuts in this film. 

Like The other Muscle Mafia Christmas parties and Christmas Wishes #72 grants more wishes to those that for certain reasons and certain circumstances deserve to have their wish granted.

First Wish: Diesel “D”, 5’10, 180 + pounds of solid muscle was inspired by our websites and our movies to not only build a body worthy of worship but to actually be worshipped. (See his photo shoot with us taken earlier that day)  The concept of being admired and rewarded for his body and big cut dick inspired his wish to become a crew member of The Muscle Mafia, if not a returning crew member, at least a crew member for 1 night.   The idea of using and abusing a cock sucker pumped him up, but the idea of actually being filmed sent him over the edge. So his Christmas Wish was to not only film but if it were possible, to tag team someone with Matt. Done!

Second Wish: Then there is Aaron a longtime fan who sent in a video speaking to me about how he thinks we are the best thing that has happened to adult films and the Internet, if not the world of Muscle Worship.  He and I spoke on and off for nearly 9 months before I finally made that famous call and told him his wish for a muscle matt facial would be granted. To that I added another gift, I showed Aaron photos of “D” and told him he would be joining Matt in this one.  Aaron was beyond excited and said, “Boss they can do whatever they want and whatever you tell them to do to me”.

The Big Day: After his 4 hours drive to New York City, Aaron met with us to film another real, raw and unscripted sequence of events that started with a few drinks and a live piano player in the lobby.

Then up to the room for our traditional Champagne Christmas Toast, and then I let Matt and “D” loose on Aaron.  Both guys grabbed his head and switch him off from dick to dick, most of the night shoving both cocks in Aarons mouth stretching his cheeks like he swallowed a dinner plate.  Then each took turns face fucking and throat fucking him, each encouraging the other to go balls deep down Aaron’s throat. Then Matt strips Aaron and tells “D” to use is ass, with no resistance what so ever Aaron lets “D” throw his legs behind his ears and pound away at him.  Aaron moans and groans as “D” now goes balls deep in his ass and Matt goes Balls deep in his mouth.  While getting bounced fucked on the bed, Aaron looks at both guys and says, “Oh my god you guys are perfect this is the best Christmas ever.”

The night ends with a delivery of cum, Matt, as Aaron wished for dumped a huge mayonnaise white thick muscle load all over his face and tongue.  Then “D” 1-upped Matt by making Aaraon choke on his big dick as he pumped muscle cum down his throat.  Merry Christmas Aaron!

The scene closed with Matt and “D” raising their arms in victory as Aaron remained laid out on the bed, full of cum, and spent from being used and abused. Aaron was still in shock days after that he actually got his wish. 

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Comments: 2

Please for the love of all that is good: bring back "D". He is sexy beyond words.
What an incredibly refreshing experience to witness the way Carlo handles welcoming a stunningly well built man of color to the Muscle Mafia. Revealing his class and integrity, Carlo eschews the usual "fetishizing" that directors of lesser quality would have utilized in introducing "D". There are many reasons why I believe that MuscleMatt.com is not porn but transcends it to create a real community; and the way in which Carlo engages "D" here is one of them. It is clear from the introductory chat that Carlo regards "D" very highly and has been mentoring him in the same way he has the other hot studs like Brad and Anthony. Their exchange is organic and reveals what all Carlo's fans love about him most ~ his commitment to bringing out the best in his proteges. "d" and the ever-hunk-like Mattmake a fantastic pair of straight alpha studs whose muscled physiques and bulging cocks are the pride of Carlo's always stellar camera work and the object of desire for Aaron, the hungry cock sucker who is this Christmas Wish grantee. It is not long before the two stud bros take charge Aaron and make him their willing and submissive "Pussy Boy". They both encourage each other ~ Matt encouraging the jackhammer fuck by "D" and "D" likewise telling Matt to "feed [Aaron] his cock deep down his throat. Aaron's cries of "Oh my god...you guys are perfect!" Ring true as he looks with wonder and awe at these two "gods". He gets their "ambrosia" for sure when they straddle his open mouth and cover him with their muscle milk! The high fives between these bros at the end of the hot fuck session make a great indication that a new "Tag Team" of Muscle Mafia tops has been created. Woof!!!!