#71 Scene 2:Lucky Bastard Derek Atlas Swallows a Boss Load! -

Approx Run Time: 12 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 16


Lucky Bastard! During his 3 day visit to The Muscle Mafia to shoot with me, Carlo, and film Matt Pounds Derek  Derek Atlas rounds out his trip and becomes a Lucky Bastard!!

This is a Boss Cam that was added to the already talked about game changing turn of events filmed in #71. As if watching Brad suck off Carlo in the first scene you get to watch Derek take my fat cock to the nuts and watch me pump a big thick Boss load right down Derek's throat. Even after Carlo came Derek as milking and sucking on his cock to get every last bit left in Carlo's dick!

Watch another Lucky Bastard, Dean swallow a boss load during his visit and photo shoot. It was Dean that started the whole idea of being a lucky bastard in the first place!

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Comments: 3

Boss I'd drink your bathwater lol x
Whether using a Cock Sucker for his own pleasure ~ emptying his huge nut sac into that mouth pussy ~ or offering instruction to a fellow muscle stud like Anthony or Brad, the Boss displays HIS "blessings" and offers what might be considered a " masterclass" in the ways of exploring the masculine sexuality as a confident strong-willed straight man. Derek is in the presence of the Boss to learn what it means to be a straight guy who offers head to another straight bro ~ showing respect and enjoying the trust that two buddies can enjoy. Derek is clearly comfortable with the Boss and LOVES his cock! This admiration made evident by the way he grabs hold of that massive schlong and stares at it licking his lips. He seems almost hypnotized by the fat cock head oozing precum and the fully engorged shaft with protruding veins. Like an attentive pupil he responds to the Boss's erotic authoritative voice, waking from his trance and getting to the "lesson" at hand opening his jock mouth with thick full lips to begin the suck when the Boss says "go ahead and suck it...go for it." The cock sucking lesson is hot on many levels but in this scenario it is the Boss's blessings ~ massive pecs, sweet muscle ass, huge legs, big fucking balls ~ that are the star attraction! Derek takes direction well and turns on the dime to follow through when the Boss encourages him with: "see how much you can take...go all the way down", "be rough with my cock...it won't break", and "that's it brother". Once he relaxes into things and trusts his inner desire to take his buddy's dick, Derek closes his eyes and goes for it ... slobbering, breathing hard, licking deliriously. Finally he cannot hold back his need for cum. He locks his mouth around the throbbing head and jerks the cock! The Boss enjoys this and further encourages things but is also able to capture the look of ecstasy on Derek's face as he swallows the thick ropes of "Boss Brotein".....LUCKY BASTARD ...indeed!!!
Love Derek Atlas, love The Boss, loved seeing Derek deep throat and swallow The Boss. Nice job Derek, you serviced him well. Very hot seeing your bodies together.