#71 Scene 1: Game Changer, Brad Blows Carlo -

Approx Run Time: 45 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Scene 1 Brad Blows Carlo: Many of you have followed Brad and my work since he first joined the crew in 2009 (DVDs 48 Brad Hung and Tall, 54 Brad Feeds Ethan, 57,and 58 ) how I have been mentoring and grooming him into an Internet sensation and a featured headliner here with The Crew.  You have already seen Brad’s desire to please and perform for me (Carlo) in DVD #64 Scene 2 Massaging Brad's Prostate, Men on a Mission. And Since 2009 Brad and I have gone around and around on a roller coaster as he tries to balance the world he came from and the world I introduced him to in 2009 (see blog post The Making of Big Brad, Lessons in Muscle Worship) Many hours in photo shoots, in the gym, socializing and mentoring him all in an effort to take the potential I saw in Brad and shape it into the best he could be, for him to achieve greatness here and profit greatly from it; and he has.  Like with Matt, and others it is something I have done and will do for anyone else that steps in front of my camera who shows both potential, full focus and dedication (if that is you email me). 

But like in life certain people just click and as I always say “Shit Happens!”  I have given many years of good advice to all my guys and in turn they have taught me things as well, but Brad has developed a certain attachment and deep rooted trust to me that makes him want to give up complete control. 

It is what it is! This unique underground provides an environment that allows for shit to happen that otherwise would probably not happen in everyday life.  If you are a player in this game and you play it right it can be one of the most rewarding experiences and the tightest bond men will ever experience.  I always told Matt, Brad and others don’t hate the players man, hate the game. 

Brad's first dose of Brotein, a healthy shot high of Zinc, and protein delivered from a healthy gym Bro..."Brotein" a saying and concept we trademarked.  This definitely changed the game.  During a private meeting that I (Carlo) agreed to have filmed, Brad and I met with Brian a site fan and movie buyer. We all hung out for about 4 hours and I edited it down to this 1 hour epic event now available as a rental or lifetime. There is a long story to this film and why it is a game changer so for a full description and a complete run down see the related blog post about #71.

But, simply put with all the time Brad and I have spent together over the last few years, my grooming him to be a featured guy he and I developed a close friendship. A friendship that at times was a roller coaster because not only was I no doubt his friend, but I also sometimes had to be "The Boss". Brad always liked to please me, give me good scenes and looked to me for complete direction and inspiration when using and abusing cock suckers, you have seen these films and will see more. The Best Selling #64 Carlo Massages Brad's Prostate, Men on a Mission gave all movie buyers a good sense of just what Brad would go through to please me.But this night Brad's desire to please took on a whole new form and went in a totally different direction; it changed the game. Watch carefully, you will see!

After a few drinks, and Brad doing a shot of tequila off my abs, then putting these metal rings on my dick, Brian directs Brad on how to suck me off and take a big boss load in his mouth for the first time. Then Brad jacked off a load on my chest and abs and ate his own. He said he tasted better but as you will see in upcoming films, he comes back for more Boss Loads and his specially delivered dose of Brotein.

This private event revealed sexual tensions that Brad and especially me didn't know existed. If Brad did know maybe he wasn't conscious about it or didn't really know how to deal with it; maybe he was just suppressing it and chose not to say anything. So, yes this night that Brian instigated changed the game but it made an incredible film and helped to kick off a collection of incredible films that will be released here at musclematt.com.

Also see The Bonus Boss Cam footage that is now available as a rental or for lifetime viewing #71 Scene 2 Derek Atlas Lucky Bastard Swallows a Boss Load!


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Comments: 4

Licking a nice shot of Don Julio Reposado off of those pecs was awesome, Carlo. Oh my.
Prior to witnessing this scene ~ and I am a fairly new and very prous member of this community ~ I would never have guessed that stud Brad would give another straight bro a blow job. I have witnessed him getting getting his near 10inches swallowed by worthy cocksuckers so imagine my reaction upon discovering this scene. This is an extremely hot scene because the conversation between the Boss and Brad before the action starts reveals how much this guy values the Boss. When you witness the Boss's natural charisma, you realize why Brad ~ clearly a huge hetero stud like the Boss ~ is totally willing to get on his knees open his mouth and swallow his mentor and buddy's bulging penis. Seeing Brad's eyes closed, mouth open tongue out licking the Boss's engorged dick and licking the precum off his head is HOT but for me it's the sight of this hunk stroking his own cock in the midst of all this that says "I'm here with the Boss ready to make him feel good 'cause it's what bros do after a workout when our girls won't do it for us". Special moment in this unscripted scene is the visual of Brad's long tongue extended waiting to receive the huge ropes of cum from the cock of the guy who he trusts. This is muscle worship of the highest order!
omg get Brad to suck off Matt PLEASE
More Boss and Brad Please!!!! I envy the connection you 2 obviously have. There is nothing faked, or put on about you 2 being into each other, love seeing someone so genuinely into The Boss a man who deserves only the best.