#70 Matt Pounds Derek Atlas! (Special Presentation) -

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Mutual Respect:  This is Mutual muscle worship, raw sexual tension between guys that can respect each other’s bodies and feel comfortable enough to just let things happen. Two alpha-males doing what they do best going after what they want.  This is one of the Most Watched, Most Talked About Scenes in recent Muscle Mafia History. This film is much like the last 2 scenes of DVD #64 with Brad and me when certain trust and comfort is reached one alpha doesn’t mind giving up control to another, but the connection must be there or no go.  The way we do things here, we don’t just tell guys to do it, we put them in situations and pair them up so that shit does happen organically. I discussed Derek and his visit here, my thoughts and the comments from movies buyers on the blog (#70 Matt Pounds Derek Atlas Release Creating a Buzz!).

Derek came down for a few days to meet and shoot with me (Carlo); one of those days he met and hung out with Matt and DVD #70 was shot.   Derek admits he wished he knew about me and my films 2 years ago he said he would have done things differently.  Derek admits getting offers for all kinds of scenes from other companies he worked with but now that he does know he thought our comfortable and private set-up would be the perfect place to take things to the next level; that level for him was being taken by another hot muscle guy and being fucked.  That was something that was offered to him and something he thought might be a hot thing to do but never felt comfortable enough or motivated enough to do it.  Besides he said in his words “no one was good enough” to do it; until he saw photos, clips and trailers of Matt, he said Matt would be his type and didn’t want some random “porn star” up his ass.  He liked the style of The Muscle Mafia and the authentic brother hood among the guys here; it makes a guy feel better about exploring and fulfilling some fantasies and made him feel better about giving his body up to another guy.

Although we knew what Derek wanted or at least wanted to attempt none of us knew how it would come off, there was a very strong possibility that although these guys were willing they might just not be able to actually follow through with the idea. That is the risk of our brand of filming, we just never know and we give it to you as it happens, no matter what happens and as I always say "Shit Happens".

Great couple of days shooting with Derek, we got some awesome photography but nothing will top the night he and Matt finally got together, as the Boss I always try to have a plan B and I did, I had a cock-sucker on call just in case Derek could not pull off the scene; obviously I didn't need to make that last minute call to the cock sucker.

The Interview, Sexual Tension & Smell of Sweat:  We sat around as the cameras rolled and just talked openly and honestly about everything. Derek and Matt spoke in a candid interview setting with me occasionally speaking from behind the camera.  Its obvious to see just during their introduction and interview the chemistry between these 2 and you can feel the sexual tension during this talk as both Matt and Derek flirted and exchanged compliments to each other.

I could smell the testosterone and sweat building in the room, not a sweat because it was 100 degrees in the summer but a nervous sweat brought on by the anxiety and excitement of what was about to happen. I knew then, that if nothing else Derek wanted it and Matt wanted to give it to him, so I knew that Derek just making an attempt to take Matt's big dick up his ass was going to make a hot film.

Derek leaned over and began feeling Matt's abs complimenting him over and over, both guys became instantly hard and then it was game on!  I just let the camera roll and captured things as I always do,  real, raw and unscripted.

The Kiss..Be My First:  As the scene got more heated Derek leaned up to Matt lifted his mask up over his mouth and began making out with Matt. It was then that I thought, "This is going to be intense." I was right, that kiss lead to Derek sucking on Matt's big boner for a while. Then Derek looked up at Matt with admiration and said "I really think I want you to be the first to fuck me." It was game on and these 2 alpha-males attacked each other like 2 lions tearing at a piece of raw meat, each giving the other a little something, each sharing but each still taking what they wanted. There was no competition; just pure mutual respect and admiration that made Derek want Matt's cock deep in his ass.

Derek Demands Matt's Load!: Matt and Derek rolled around switching positions and taking advantage of the situation. There were a few times I thought maybe Matt was getting a little rough and it might put Derek, another alpha-male on the defensive; hell no! The pain and pleasure was obvious in Derek's eyes, he was in the moment, and wanted to take everything Matt gave him. When Matt was ready to cum, he told us he was close and Derek said, "I want that legendary Muscle Matt Power Load in my face and mouth, I wanna taste it!" That's all Matt had to hear, Matt pulled out, pulled off the rubber and BLASTED Derek with a thick massive muscle matt load right to the face.
Hitting Derek’s G-Spot:  The scene finishes with Matt helping Derek get off, I capture all the talk back and forth as Derek describes how his first time getting fucked was a sensation he never felt. He tells Matt he hit his spot and honestly confesses that when Matt's perfectly curved dick hit his spot it moved all the sensation from his cock to his ass and other parts of the internal male anatomy he never felt before. Matt not only did Matt’s cock custom made for power fucking touch Derek’s true virgin ass it touch all his senses when the clash of the physical pleasure collided with the mental and emotional pleasure of knowing it was Matt's cock, a hot muscle jock Derek admired doing it bringing his body and mind to places they never were before.

Derek busted his nut all over himself laying back and aggressively jerking his dick off repeating "All I keep feeling is Matt's big dick in my ass." “I can't believe I just got fucked by Muscle Matt."

A Friendship Happens: I keep in touch with Derek, and just spoke to him 2 days before the release of this movie here on musclematt.com; from what I know now Matt started something and is more comfortable getting fucked, Matt was the trail blazer for Derek and will admit today that Matt was the hottest fuck he has ever had.  Matt's dick is designed like a medical instrument, prefectly curved, shaped and sized to hit a man's prostate perfectly.  Most who get fucked my Matt, are immediately addicted to the intense sensation but few ever feel that to that point again if its not Matt's magic dick.  Derek has hint around about a sequel and follow up to this.   Could this be the start of a little “something-somethin” between Matt and Derek; or did Matt fuck him so good that once again Matt has been able to flip a top to a bottom or at best made any and all other scenes or situations Derek may have with other guys and other companies not quite measure up to his experience here? 

Truth be told both guys let their guard down and both were mutually respectful and very complimentary of each other.  Each gave the other their “props” and when one alpha-male can boost the ego of another alpha-male the situation can be sexually intense and off the charts.  This one is!

Derek Swallows a Boss Load: During Derek's visit here shit happened with he and I, Lucky Bastard!

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Comments: 8

The way Matt kisses is just unmatched, always passionate!
Matt kissing put this over the top! Having his mouth and tongue on another muscle dude fucking SENDS me over. I look forward to seeing more of Matt's makeouts, hopefully with more tongue and lip-smacking.
These Derek Atlas videos make me shoot every time.
The hottest muscle worship video I've seen, the chemistry between Matt and Derek is incredible. Matt is as always so ripped and hot and Derek compliments with his muscular body also. A must watch!
Matt is clearly turned on by muscle men especially by Derek's bod. Never seen him get so rigid, and erecting so fast in his anticipation of fucking him. Seeing Matt with that beautiful BIG cock standing up at eager attention told you what was cumming. Hardest I've ever seen him. Sometimes Matt needs some worship, coaxing, sucking to get him penetration hard. Not with Derek, aptly tagged Atlas, it was more of a passionate love fest featuring the terrific, talented fucking that Matt gave to the max. An honor for Derek to get it. Gawd I love the guy. A must-see for the legions of Matt fans out there. What red blooded dude could keep hands off of his cock looking at this orgasmic event and having his own, at least once?
the thing that made this video amazing was the KISSING! more kissing please!
Who wouldn't make love to that body! I been spending time on the site as s new member, over the years Matt has gotten hotter, his body is flawless. Matt's is pure perfection head to toe, and to the tip of that huge boner.
I loved that the way that Derek was completely into Matt's body....I think that Derek made love to every inch of Matt's muscular body.....every damn muscle of Matt's. Derek has an awesome body himself.....big and beefy muscular....but it was obvious that Derek was there for one reason and that was to get Matt to fuck his tight asshole. When it came time, Matt took over and completely dominated Derek....fucked the hell out of him. In fact Matt was so into Derek, that Matt kissed Derek several times. Derek may have moved on to other websites but I bet he still remember the time he got fucked by Matt. Would love to Carlo and Matt tag team Derek if he decides he can handle them again.