#69 Carlo Uses and Abuses Christopher After a Workout -

Approx Run Time: 44 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 51


Fresh from the gym, sweaty and ready, Chris gets the full Boss treatment...You all know my style by now and how it usually goes down but Christopher was definitely letting me know he wanted to suck my dick.  Not in so many words at first, but then it became obvious exactly what he wanted.  The problem was he is a broke college student so I told him if he wants this load he has to film it or he can keep dreaming. The answer was no at first, and he tried to entice me with telling me how good he sucks; well that is nice for him but there are a lot of good cock suckers out there who know the deal and can step up.   When he finally realized he wasn’t getting it unless he at least filmed or hit the lottery, he gave in and as you will see he was more than happy to.  In fact an untrained eye can tell that having the camera there made this muscle worshipping cock sucker even more into it… What ended up on film turned out to be one of our Most Watched, Rough Boss Scenes, Throat Fucking, Sweaty Underwear Eating, Sweaty Gym Sock Eating, Armpit Licking, Begging, Cock Sucking, Cum Eathing, Muscle Worship Scenes! 

I waited for him after the gym, straight from the locker room, chilling out in my truck.  Their on film was the first time he got to see my dick, a short cock show and cock tease in the front seat of my Escalade, shot in HD Night Vision.  Then he got a hotel room, I met him there and the best night of his life happened all on film for you to watch.  This Boss Cam is now DVD #69.

When this was filmed I wrote about how we met and the back story in a blog post called Cock Suckers on Call, Christopher and Greg Meet The Boss Cam. Read that and check out Chris's photos he sent to me days after, WOW how attitudes change when they meet me, and get a taste of quality cock.

See Boss Profile and movie resume for all my movies and Boss Cams.

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Comments: 2

Great movie. Both boss and Chris are sexy.with great attitude. Love seeing Chris wanting to be dominated and owned by boss. One of my favorite movies and Chris is my favorite sub too. Hope to see more movies of boss and Chris.
Def one of my favorites, Boss you have a beautiful body and a beautiful cock and your attitude makes it even hotter. The way you make this kid (who is pretty hot himself) eat your socks and underwear made me laugh out loud at the same time it got me off!