67 Tag Teaming Corey a Three Coarse Muscle Meal -

Approx Run Time: 38 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Everybody Gets Fed!  The Crew Gets Protein and Corey, Our Cock Sucker Gets "Brotein"...This was part of an all day and all night photo shoots in summer 2010 where everybody got fed a protein rich 3 course meal.  First I took the guys out for an awesome dinner to feed the muscles. Then, Corey got fed a 3 course muscle meal when Matt, Adam and Dean emptied their nuts on his face and down his throat.  You will remember Dean from #61 Dean Uses and Abuses Greg and Lucky Bastard Dean Swallows a Boss Load.

Watch how a fan of our movies has his dream come true by first meeting the guys and then getting used and abused by all 3.

The Crew Gets Fed: After shooting for the day I took the guys out to an awesome dinner overlooking the ocean.  They rang up a high bill eating like champs and drinking like rock stars; most sponsored by donations to The Muscle Fund.

After dinner we headed back to the room to meet with Corey who got his VIP look behind the scenes at a photo shoot.  He sat quietly and watched some of the guys he had only seen in our movies, live up close and personal.

Corey Gets Fed: Then it came time for the movie and for Corey to take care of my boys!  He couldn’t decide who he wanted first so we had fun with it and put our names in a champagne bucket; he drew Matt’s name first!

The guys mask up; Adam and Dean watch as Matt makes Corey get on his knees and start sucking.  Then all 3 take Corey in the bedroom and take turns using him like a set of dumb-bells at the gym.  The guys toss Corey back and forth, and circle around him putting all 3 cocks in his face.  He didn’t know what to do first, so they pushed his head from cock to cock.

Then when each guy was ready they busted nut all over his face, in his mouth and just about everywhere else.  Matt shot his legendary power cum shot, then after a while Dean busted his nut.  Both Matt and Dean cheered Adam as he face fucked him a while and used his throat. Adam didn’t waste a drop and shoved his cock down Corey’s throat and dumped his load.

The guys gave each other a high five hand slap, the night was over and DVD #67 Tag Teaming Corey became another movie in The Collection!

See their profiles and movie resumes: Matt, Adam and Dean from photos and a complete list of movies starring these crew members.

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Comments: 3

Cocksuckers nirvana. Awesome.
This is a HOT movie wish I could of been the cock sucker I would of swallowed all three loads
3 studs?! lucky corey, one of the hottest videos ever!!! adam definitely took control at the end, which is STEAMY!