#66 Scene 2 Greg's Wake-up Call, Greg's House -

Approx Run Time: 23 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 31


This Cock Sucker is ready in fact can't wait for another Boss Load...After kicking back in my truck I still wasn't satisfied and Greg was hungry for another Boss Load and ready to suck it out of me like a good cock sucker should with total worship and admiration. So we drove back to his house, creeped past his housemate's bed room (yeah creepy) and went to his room.  I set up the cameras and dropped my board shorts to use and abuse Greg's throat for the second time that night, but the right way.

This was another raw spontaneous shoot lit only by the lights in his bedroom, no fan fair just a raw real blow job and muscle worship session film as if you were a fly on the wall.
Down on his knees, Greg pulls down my underwear and gets right to work.  I made him work for this one as he sucked my dick into late hours of the night.   To his credit this cock sucker didn’t complain but I know his throat was raw and his jaw was tired; not my problem actually.  I was there to bust another nut and I did.  Watch how he sucks and worships in this scene and watch as the camera angle captures my throbbing dick dumping another healthy muscle load down his throat.
Greg filled up on Boss cum, I got some good film and went home to sleep like a baby until the next time my raging hard-on needed service.  The next came and that is another Boss Cam episode #69 Using and Abusing Christopher After a Workout!

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Super hot. I think that this site is going to give me a new luchador fetish.