#64 Scene 2: Carlo Massages Brad's Prostate -

Approx Run Time: 22 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Brad's a proven stud and a champion multiple cummer..This 2 part DVD is about control; control given, control taken and control lost.  Most Watched Scene!, Brad was on a mission to cum 3 times, back to back, in one night.  It was my job (Carlo aka Boss) to see to it that we reach that goal, no matter what. We already know from DVDs 48 and 54 that Brad gets off knowing worshippers love watching him cum, no matter how he does it through feedings, facials, or popping off into a jar Brad loves to get milked! We also know from DVDs 57 and 58 (best sellers) he can cum twice in one night (back to back) and still shoot strong and hard each time; Brad is a champ with a stud complex he can back up with more than just cheap talk. He does what he says and much like myself he doesn't stop until he reaches the finish line.

Massaging Brad's Prostate, a Muscle Mafia first... and without giving too much away sets the tone for future releases.  Brad blew his first load in the mouth of a cock sucker and train wreck named Dj, then I pissed on Dj and threw his sorry ass out that night with good reason, see scene 1 Brad's Blind Folded Blow Job. After I showed DJ the door, we needed a plan B, and as always The Boss came up with one and as always Brad was there to help complete the mission. 

We knew I wasn’t going to suck him off.  I was almost willing to call it a night if I had to, Brad, no fucking way, he was determined and the idea of massaging or tapping his prostate to stimulate 2 more loads was what he wanted to do.  Maybe it was the drinks, our comfort level and trust or all of the above but the idea of me doing that to him with a toy sparked his curiosity.  What did we have to loose, at this point.

Part 2 picks up after our trip to an adult toy store where Brad got his toy of choice.  What you see is real, honest experimentation a first taking place right before your eyes.  Shot with 2 cameras, camera 1 and The Boss Cam from behind, I worked this thing until it hit the right spot.  I thought it was amazing how hard and intense he came, and so did he.  He went for round 3 and there you have our mission accomplished of 3 loads in 1 night.

Necessity, along with some trust and his ability to give complete control to me was the mother of invention.  You do what you gotta do I guess.  Brad is no quitter, he does what he says and he did it no matter what it took!

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Comments: 4

Omg! This movie is HOT! The chemistry is so hot, I came 3 minutes into the movie. Carlo's coaching of Brad is so damn erotic. There is a definite bond there! i would love to see more movies like this in the future.
I adore and admire the connection between Carlo and Brad! Nothing is more intense, organic, testosterone-laden or quite simply EROTIC than watching these two muscled straight guys hang out, use a cock sucker, power lift or even share a meal or some drinks. The bond between these two is clearly evident in the scenes " Brad blows Carlo" and "Carlo fucks Brad" but for my money NOTHING is hotter than this scene. It is one of the most astonishing visuals on film to see 6 foot 7inch 270lbs tower of muscle Brad lay on his back spread his huge legs expose his jock cunt and let his mentor and bro Carlo crawl between and spend the better part of an hour just massaging his prostate. Brad's legs are wide open and feet resting on Carlo's and Brad's 10inch schlong is rock hard as Carlo masturbates his buddy while placing the toy they bought together deeper into his hole. Plainly said this is TRUST of the highest order between two straight men and one of the greatest moments of the Muscle Mafia! It is a testament to their bond that Brad shoots huge loads of muscle milk not once...not twice.....but THREE times!!! This scene makes me proud to be a member of this great community which Carlo has formed and Big Brad's trust in the Boss and his growth and amazingly hot physical presence are what inspire me to support him and Carlos through film purchases and donations to the Muscle Fund ~ because these guys keep it real.
Extremely erotic to see these 2 alpha males bond like this. You can feel the trust Brad has in the Boss and just watch as his body relaxes, his mind relaxes and he just give into the feeling of carlo probing around in his ass. Now this is good porn! It touched everything for me turned me on, got me off and made me see the beauty and rarity of 2 true masculine men in a trusting sexual relationship. Carlo is one strong dude, strong personality but it was actually beautiful to watch how gentle and caring he was as Brad struggled with a little pain at first. You don't get this in other porn, highly recommend and you have a new obsessed fan.
I bought this when it came out on video and just bought it lifetime! Boss and Brad are so fucking hot. The chemistry with these 2 is real, Boss beautiful as ever, but Brad that dick good god almighty what a monster and that deep voice as you moan, I could come listening to this with no video. More Boss and Brad!