#63 Christmas Wish 2010 Pete Gets Plowed From Both Ends by Matt and Adam -

Approx Run Time: 29 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Pete's wish this Christmas was to be a fuck toy and cum dump for Matt and Adam... Merry Christmas Pete!... It sounded simple enough to me, Adam was pacing the floors with aggression ready to fuck the hell out of Pete and I thought this was perfect energy; Matt and Adam together always are a crowd pleaser no matter how you put them.  Matt was all worked up about the concept and Pete, well just wanted to know when.

Right after we did the champagne toast, Matt and Adam pounced on Pete in what is definitely an erotic display of sexual aggression and natural chemistry between alpha-males and a submissive cock sucker willing to be used and abused just for their pleasure; and Pete was.

Adam is a different person in Christmas Wish 2010, proof positive it’s the quite ones you have to watch out for.  My buddy surprised the hell out of me in DVD #53 Christmas Wish 2009 and took Matt’s dick like a champ and he surprised me again this year.  My boy can both take it, and he can dish it out!

What Matt and Adam gave Pete for Christmas 2010 was punishment!  Pete got PLOWED, RAILED, SLAMMED, and POUNDED from both ends. Matt and Adam filled Pete out and filled him up with massive amounts of healthy thick white muscle cum a muscle matt power shot to his face and mouth and an Adam the Bull Balls cum dump in Pete’s ass and he was happy to do it, thanked everyone and even after a full hard core steady fuck Pete weak from use, Adam dripping with Sweat and Matt laughing at the whole thing, Pete wanted more. Pete takes it like a champ, I think we will keep him around.

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Comments: 4

PS: This vid is so fukin full of visual delights starting with the awesome muscle god bods of Matt and Adam and their supreme dicks, Adam's balls, red and tight up on his thick shaft when he is slamming Pete with his wild screams of pain and pleasure. Even Adam's mongo precum flow while being sucked. If you get off on man sex, guys, don't miss one. Shooting assured.
Gawd, what a super incredible, power fuck by Adam. He drove Pete to the edge of the bed again and again. Pete moaning and yelling and demanding a hard, ass splitting fuck, and lucky Pete sure got it. He was fully hard and came in time with Adam's amazing, convulsing cum. What a spectacular fucking orgasm by a gorgeous, massive hot muscle dude. Never seen better. Adam must have shot up Pete's ass a dozen times releasing a huge hot load that poured out when he pulled out. What a fucking turn on by a fucking super star. I came big fast and could watch him endlessly shooting my balls inside out until I passed out from ecstasy.
Without a doubt some of the best filming around! The commitment to discretion, high production values and incorporation of *real* men make this and other films by "the Boss" extremely worth it.....a "must see" Thanks Carlo and team for offering something unique and GREAT!
pete was very lucky to get adam's muscle seed in him! HOOOT!