61 Scene 2, Boss Cam: Dean, Lucky Bastard Takes a Boss Load! -

Approx Run Time: 14 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Lucky Bastard...Be careful what you wish for! Dean said on camera he was sexual, but its the things he said off camera during our shoot that made me call his bluff.

Dean and I spoke on the phone a few times before actually meeting.  He checked out the websites and said all the guys were hot but he thought I had the best body on the site; an innocent remark with no other motive at the time, I don't think? When I picked Dean up at the train station he got in my car, looked over and said, “Wow Carlo you are a pretty hot dude man!”  (see the blog post)

During a break from shooting Dean had a few questions about some of the movies.  He asked about #56 Cock Sucker Academy and referred to Scott in that video as the "lucky bastard" who got to suck off The Boss.

Later in the shoot while we were waiting for cock sucker Greg to show up and blow Dean on film (scene 1 of this DVD) I thought a few compliments and hints were cool but they were beginning to be a little more clear, Dean was trying to tell me something.  I called his bluff thinking he would chicken out when I said, “You feel lucky bud?” 

Since that summer's shoots were about pushing limits we both did when we filmed this unexpected Boss Cam episode.  Dean admitted if he didn’t take the opportunity he may never get it again and he knew it wasn't going to happen without filming so.... 

I kicked back, with camera in hand and just let him explore. Much like Scott in #56, you can definitely see the admiration in his eyes and hear it in his voice. I let him just explore my body, and watch my cock grow bigger and fatter.  He worked up a big thick veiny Boss and sucked me off until I gave him a mouthful of muscle cum; looks like Dean was the lucky bastard that day.

If watch both scenes from DVD #61 you will see a definite change in his personality and his approach. In scene 1 he was verbal, rough and aggressive he treated Greg like Greg wanted to be treated a cock sucker use and abuse for our pleasure. But, while filming this Boss Cam episode Dean was slow, careful, quiet, intimidated, timid and submissive to me. He was soaking up all my direction and was very focused on sucking my dick. He did a great job and I tell him that on film.

He also did a great job that summer teaming up with Matt and Adam for a group scene, #67 Tag Teaming Corey, a Three Coarse Muscle Meal.

See Derek Atlas become another Lucky Bastard when he too swallows a Boss Load during his shoot!

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Comments: 3

Don’t blame him for wanting the Boss’ dick. You can tell Carlo has a lot of power over him in this clip. Hell, dean was already asking for more right after swallowing the load! Lol
I'm addicted to these vids. How you get into their heads and take control is impressive. Love seeing that hard cock on proud display.
Boss, you've done it again! Another great suck movie. Keep them coming along with more dominant fucking from you!