60, Matt and Antonio Tag Team Cum Feed Jonas -

Approx Run Time: 32 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 17


Blessing Jonas, Matt and Antonio Gang Up! Antonio jumped right in with both feet when he joined the crew.  Few start out with Tag Teams and are a bit intimidated to go on camera with our crew at first.

Antonio’s first 2 films with us were tag teams, and as a team player he definitely pulled his weight.  After teaming with Brad to cum feed Brian in #59 he was ready for another and asked to film with Matt, so why not, let's do it and we did this is 60.

60 begins with Antonio’s shower scene; showing off his pumped up ass and pulling the foreskin on his uncut dick.  From there he joins Matt who is waiting to use and abuse Jonas a muscle mafia fan.  Together Matt and Antonio switch off using Jonas’s mouth and face fucking him.  Like loyal crew members and fellow ego driven alpha-males both make sure the other is properly being serviced.

The body worship, armpit licking and cock sucking turned into Jonas eating Matt and Antonio’s ass.  Then when both were ready they “Blessed” Jonas, Matt was first with a legendary Muscle Matt power cum shot to his face and mouth; then seeing so much cum all over Jonas’s face Antonio shoved his uncut cock in Jonas’s face and fed Jonas his load.  Team work!

Who else has Matt teamed up with, pounded, fed, used, abused or had a mutual muscle worship bromance scene with?  See Matt's photo album and his compete portfolio of movies!

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Who the fuck do I have to blow to come into the studio and teach these cocksuckers how to eat a man's ass? That kid had two of the most premium asses god created and he just twiddled it away! When Antonio lowered his magnificent latin melons over Jonas' face, natural instinct should have kicked in and his mouth should've been wide open and ready to massage that hot hole. Jonas, put your tongue up there and swirl it like it's the last popsicle before the apocalypse. You gotta make freakin monkey jungle love to these asses or get out of the way. Ain't nobody got time for a weasly rim job son! Overall, however, this was one hot flick and I'd love to see a lot more of Antonio. I guess I'm just jealous of Jonas so I criticize. Who can blame me?