#6 Matt in Manhattan Part 1 Good For Your Wood -

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Rare Re-Release... A Muscle Matt classic that was originally on DVD only and never offered online or in the Theaters; until now!  Long time Muscle Mafia followers who remember these early big cum shots or who bought these on DVD have been asking for them to be released online.  You asked for it, here they are...Matt in Manhattan Part 1 and Part 2.

This is #6 Matt in Manhattan Part 1- ”Good For your Wood” and you will see why this was titled "Good For your Wood". Cum does wonders for Hard Wood Tables. 

A 5 Day Nut...When Matt was looking for an new place to live in NY, he stayed temporarily in an executive extended stay studio apartment for 6 days. After several days of traveling and meetings he decided to bust a 5 day nut and have you watch! 

The result was this DVD; 30 minutes of Matt stroking his 8 inch hard-on all over the room. From the bed, to the lazy-boy recliner, standing on top of the kitchen counters, standing on the bed greasing up his cock, balls and ass for a lot of raw cock stroking and ass play. Moaning and squirming on the counter top in the kitchen begging to cum Matt held back and edged himself until he could no longer hold his load. 

Finger Painting With Cum...Matt jumped off the kitchen counter and leaned over the dining room table letting out a huge ROAR and emptying his balls all over the table.  His 8 inch veiny cock just keeps spitting cum all over the table.  Another one of Matt’s powerful ever lasting cum blasting jerk-off sessions. You will hear his surprise at the amount of cum that spit all over the wall, the chair, the table, and the floor. Even his hands were dripping with thick white jock juice. Then Matt slams his hard cock on the table to shake and squeeze out every drop of cum. The camera caught every pump and every cum shot, well almost every drop, some shot clear across the room outside of camera range. But I got plenty of close-ups of the cum piled, puddled and dripping all over.  So much cum he was able to finger paint in it on the table.  

See Matt in Manhattan Part 2, Window Undressing, all recently just added as a rare Re-Release!

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Matt can use his massive cum loads on me like fingerpaint any time he wants. Damn that was a huge load