#58 Brad Pounds Billy Twice in one Night (No Mercy) -

Approx Run Time: 47 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 62


To quote a southern friend of mine who seems to always say this at the right time, Lord have Mercy! well now would be the right time and the Lord would be the only one having any mercy on Billy during this film; "Oh my GOD! was yelled out by Billy a few times! This is Brad's first time fucking on film and he said if he was going to ever agree to that he was going to do it right and the cock sucker who gets it, is gunna get it. Billy does, not once but TWICE in this ass streching, ass pounding, throat gagging, ankle grabbing, feet pinning, sweat dripping, cum dumping attack on Billy; and the funny part is he wanted it that way, in fact said "Brad, Bring it on!"

Brad uses all 270 pounds of muscle and every inch of his 9x7 inches to pound Billy Mercilessly...#58 Part 2 of the Double DVD set "Once is Not Enough" Billy had no idea what he was in for when Stan bought him a plane ticket, flew him here and made Brad an offer he could not refuse to be in on his first time ever fucking a guy. This is among one of our Most Watched movies and is always somewhere in the top 10 hottest pics by movie fans. 

When thinking about this 1 hour movie, it can accurately be describe as “An Attack”.  Between Brad’s size, his thundering voice and his Muscle Mafia Mask this looks like an x-rated WWF Slap Down where Billy was subdued, held down, pinned and pounded in 3 seconds flat! 

As was in #57 Brad came twice and Billy swallowed it all, and again in this movie, once was not enough for Brad so when he agreed to fuck Billy, he fucked him twice...HARD!.

Stan aka: “Red Face Stan”, a long time loyal supporter who also appeared in #53 and watched Matt pound Adam, returned to first stretch Billy’s ass with the massive purple dildo preparing Billy for Brads, big thick 9 inch dick.

When Billy was greased, stretched and ready I gave Brad the “go-ahead”.  He jumped onto the bed like an attack dog who just broke from his chain! What you will see in this movie is Billy taking an ass pounding from Brad and liking it.  First the rubber was on, but Brad takes it off and slips it in raw, dumps his first load in Billy’s ass and on Billy’s ass then uses his own cum like lube to immediately shove it back in and pound him again.

The camera captures the sounds of Billy screaming, moaning and liking every minute of it.  You will also hear Brad’s 270 pounds of muscle slamming against Billy’s ass in all positions.  I close in on Billy’s face and capture his upper lip sweating with a mixture of pleasure, pain and a little fear as Brad tells him to “Shut the fuck up and take it!”  

Again, as with all our movies, this was shot unscripted and captured as it happened, where and when it happened. Billy holds the title as The Muscle Mafia Champ who can take just about anything we dish out.  This pushed his limits and you can feel Billy’s experience as you watch. 

I will say, that during the sport of it all, I, Brad and Stan all asked Billy, “You ok bud?” Billy always responded “Hell yeah” keep going so I did, and so did Brad.  I think if Brad was not so physically exhausted he could have popped off another load.

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Also see The Brad MONSTER Bundle 57, 58 and 68.  Save money and have 2 days to watch! 

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Comments: 6

57 and 58 are a MUST SEE if you consider yourself a Brad's fan! I can not describe with words how hot both of these are, you just have to watch 'em for yourself!
Fans notice the talent which the Boss has in finding worthy jocks to be the ones who service the behemoth of straight muscle testosterone that is "Big Brad". Both Pete ( from Scenario #68) and Billy are so adept at using their mouths and jockpussies as the vehicle for Brad's aggressive pounding that a new Muscle Mafia film scenario could be developed. Call it "Battle of the Muscle Worshipers" Billy and Pete could go to-to-toe ~ or better still "blow(job) for blow(job)" ~ to see who could be named Muscle Mafia's "Chief Blowboy" or "Best Jock Pussy". The performance by Billy in Scenario #58 indicates that he would win hands down! Of course the Boss brings out the best in all the participants in this scenario. Stan of "Christmas Wish 2009" prepares Billy's man-snatch for Brad's near 10inch schlong with the Boss's guidance. The Boss encourages Brad to fuck this college jock harder, deeper and longer. This scenario is very much like a sport and the Boss is the ultimate Coach. Then there is Billy a straight college bro who comes to the Muscle Mafia to get what he can't get on campus ~ the chance to discreetly suck another straight bro's huge cock, worship his muscled bod and take his huge cock up the ass while a married bro watches and gets him prepared for the sport. Billy throws himself into this opportunity like a real champ. He swallows Brad's dick with a genuine hunger and he listens to the Boss's direction ~ screaming for an even harder fuck and saying repeatedly "Yes!" In one of the many hot visuals the Boss captures Billy is on his back with muscled legs spread WIDE his already-fucked jock cunt open waiting for near 7foot tall Brad who's standing over him to start pounding him again. Now *that* is the attitude and position of a guy who is ready to be a champion at Muscle Mafia! Bring on the Pete vs. Billy match!!!
Brad is a beast and the white luchador hood looks great on him (something about the white skin tight hood on all that MUSCLE). And i have to admit there's something charming about Brad being coached to be verbal with Billy and do kinky things like the pillow over his fucktoy's head (VERY boner inducing). Brad was clearly growing into fucking butt as things went along. Hotter than hell and I look forward to watching more of Brad tearing up hole.
brad owned billy! wish i was billy
Jesus that was fucking hot! Brad is an absolute god with a massive dick and knows how to use it. Twice, and came big twice, total fucking stud hot hot movie.
I will admit this is my number on my DVD list. Billy can really take care of a hung beautiful thick cock. He can take it deep down his throat and ass. Love how Brad dominates Billy in this video. Just using him as his little bitch. I like the part when Brad takes off rubber and pounds Billy bareback. I wish he came inside Billy.