#57 Brad Face Fucks Billy, Twice! (Swallows 2 loads) -

Approx Run Time: 56 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 48


Once is not enough for Big Brad...#57 is 1 hour of The Brad Double DVD set called: Once is not Enough!  Billy, The Muscle Mafia Champ and Mascot cocksucker gags on Brad’s 9x7 and swallows 2 thick muscle loads from our 6 foot 7 inch, 270 pound giant Alpha-Male!

Load 1 This Night: This is the first time Brad meets Billy, so it begins with a short foot and body massage to break the ice.  Then the pants come off, Brad’s dick falls out and Billy attacks.  Brad’s first load dropped after Billy went where no man has gone before and that is Brad’s ass!  Billy milked the first muscle load by doing nothing more than eating and playing with Brad’s muscle ass, a situation that is later understood in #64 Men on a Mission, Carlo Massages Brad's Prostate and a few other very rare films still to be released.  But as Billy's tongue goes in Brad's ass in a reaction that was instant and almost involuntary Brad dumps his load on the blue chair in the room.  Not to let any go to waist Billy licks Brad’s cum off the chair, as he should!

Load 2:  This scene got a little wilder, Billy chokes while Brad throws him around the room and face fucks him until he drops the second load on his tongue for a feeding.  Billy went home with smile and a stomach full of Brad's "Brotein".

#58, Disc 2 of Once is Not Enough...Accepting a very generous offer from Red Face Stan, Brad agrees to meet Billy again and give Billy what he asked for the first time, an ass pounding.  6 weeks later Brad pounds Billy long and hard not once, but twice in the same night one right after the other showing no mercy in what is now #58 the second disc in “Once is not Enough”.  See the entire 50 minute WWF style smack down also now playing in The Theaters at musclematt.com.


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Comments: 4

What a lucky guy billy is, having all that ass to himself!
So sweet! Dinner on Brad, I would've titled this Muscle God masterpiece. Just to live under that ass, it would feel like I walked into the Kingdom and claimed glory! Yes sir!!
Brad is always amazing, but Billy is actually one of your very best men on the site IMHO. He's great at everything and very handsome with a wonderful personality. I hope you have more planned for him as either bottom OR top. A tag team with Matt and Brad would be fun, they are all 3 so great together!
The more I see of Brad the more amazing he gets, appears and enchants!!!!!