# 55 Forgive Me Father Scene 3: Zac, A Police Captain's Son Cums For Mario! -

Approx Run Time: 24 Minutes

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Son of a Police Captain has a Concealed Weapon...Scene from Father Forgive Me, #55, Zac's father was a Military guy, went law enforcement and made it to Police Captain. Zac chickened out a few times, but his ego and his urge was stronger then his fear of going on camera, but he became very comfortable with the way things are handled here and got over it pretty quick.  In his intro and pre-interview he talks open and honest about why he decided to film and why he was willing to meet with Mario rather than just do a solo thing.  Personally, we know why, it's alter ego these guys have and the extra added intensity of being watched and admired.

Zac warms up by taking you to the shower, wets up in an Under Armor shirt and shows off a set of golf ball size balls.  Mario the cock sucker who filmed Milking Brad Outdoors, and the guy who got face fucked by Hit Man Chris and cum in his eye from Traffic Jam Joey now is here to worship Zac a little and help his boner along by stroking his cock and his ego at the same time.  

For this film, Zac preferred not to put a blow job on camera, but was most definitely into having Mario feel his body and jerk him off.  At one point Mario put Zac’s big low hangers in his mouth and Zac didn’t stop him. Zac kicked back and shot off a big muscle load all over his stomach as Mario cheered him on.

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Zac is Back for a Blow Job:  Zac returns over a year later! After a few phone calls with me on the fence about getting sucked off on film but very turned on by the idea Zac gives into the uncontrollable urge and the temptation and feeds Pete a load in #65, Zac Worshipped and Seduced.

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While all the guys on here are incredible, Zac has always been my favorite; he has a great body type and a cute voice. I wish there were more videos of him.