52.5 Billy Self Fuck, Self Facial: 10 Inch Dildo Practice Makes Perfect -

Approx Run Time: 15 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Billy Does Tricks and Practice Makes Perfect! All worshippers can relate to Billy’s obsession to worship and seduced straight muscle guys. But it takes work and dedication to be one of the guys that we count on to really get the crew motivated to relax, let loose and get wild on film. 

Here is how he did it and how we helped him along: We bought Billy a big fat purple 10 inch dildo and told him to practice. Like a good honor-roll student he studied “Long and hard” and mastered the art of being a good obeying bottom. Since Billy was taking college summer classes he was unable to participate in the Beach House filming, but he wanted to do something for the fans that love to watch him and watch how he operates. This is a special presentation from Billy and one you asked for.

Now that he is revered as a champ and a dedicated muscle server, watch how he studied to earn that title as he takes his “training dildo” all the way. Billy fucks himself with this 10 inch long, 7 inch around tool thinking about all the muscle guys that are part of our crew or who will be part of our crew. Nothing we do is planned or scripted but we always know that if we put a guy like Billy with one of our crew members Billy is bound to push his limits. For this filming, instead of one of our studs pinning his size 13 feet behind his ears he throws his own legs over his head, rams the big purple cock all the way in his ass and ‘blesses’ himself with a self facial of jock cum all over his face and into his own mouth proving he loves the taste of healthy cum, including his own.

His practice sessions paid off, and was even the the opeing scene in #58 Brad Pounds Billy Twicie in 1 Night.  Brad is almost as big as this dildo, at 9x7 Inches so Billy was ready, or at least we though he was for a raw rough pounding from Brad.  But 270 pounds of almost 7 feet of muscle on a very horny, very aggressive crew member is a tough thing to handle even once, Billy handled it twice one after the other.  We are all convinced, including Billy that without his private practice sessions with he big purple toy he may not have been able to do some of things he has gone on to do.

See all of Billy's films on his movie resume page and see why worshippoers, cock suckers and muscle admirers world wide wish they were Billy as he gets sweat on, laid on and used endlessly by The Crew like the flat bench at the gym. 

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There are a number of straight jocks whose membership i the Muscle Mafia is to take on the role of "cock sucker." This is not a role of being degraded. In fact it is one of honor ~ being able and willing to provide awesome service to other straight muscled buds by offering mouth or butthole to get off and shoot massive loads. Because there is an element of sport i. This and the interaction can be rough and hard it can be even better than the wife or girlfriend's cuntbecause a jock buddy is giving it up; so the term "jock pussy" makes sense. For my money the jock who best makes the case for being JockPussy of choice in MuscleMafia is Billy. He's an athletic straight jock who has found in the Boss a place where he can let his desires be made real and h. Does it with gusto! This film is a great intro to Billy ~ showing his willingness to open his legs wide, reveal a tight fuckhole and swallow a TEN inch dildo with it. He does it with all the dedication of a trained athlete and the scene is like a great preview of what he does for the thick pricks of Matt and - my favorite - Big Brad. Watch this scene to witness a true star, awesome cocksucker and the BEST JockPussy out there!
I love Billy and this hot movie I wish I could eat Billy ass out I would eat it out for hours and suck his cock and balls until he cums in my mouth.