#51 Tommy Worshipped and Seduced, a Whole lotta Tequila -

Approx Run Time: 29 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 22


Tommy brings 2 nuts full of cum and I bring a bottle of Tequila, I serve him up a couple shots of the booze and he serves up a big creamy cum shot to a new Cock Sucker. Tommy fans will be happy to see this one, as always it’s raw and it’s real.  Just play the trailer above and see for yourself.  Tommy will admit he never thought he would let a guy suck his dick, but as he has a few shots of Tequila watch as he gets silly and begins to slur a bit as he prepares himself for this scene.  You can't make this shit up! 

Tommy, also known as “Meat” for his 9x7 dick was introduced to you in “Meet Meat” his first movie available online only.   Site followers will also remember Tommy for his hysterical roll in DVD #46 Christmas Wish.When he gives Mike a facial and beats his face with his cock. (That scene with Tommy is available to play now)

DVD #51, Tommy Worshipped and Seduced Introduces you to a new cocksucker named Kevin.  He has followed us and collected our movies for years, always sending positive comments and reviews.  When he first saw Tommy he set his sites on being the first guy to ever taste a load from Tommy.   Kevin achieved that goal in this film.

When I first brought up the offer to Tommy he first said no, and then said “how much?” “I guess it could be hot if this dude wants my cock so bad!”  “But” he said, “I want a bottle of my favorite tequila there as my friend”.

So with cameras, lights, Kevin and a bottle of Patron Silver we met Tommy to shoot DVD #51.  Be a fly on the wall as things start out nervous and end with Tommy sporting his full 9 inch boner, getting verbal with Kevin, and using his mouth to dump a thick white muscle load; as he should!

You can't help but laugh and get madly turned on at the same time as this unfolds.

Bonus Footage: “Meet Meat” the entire scene is the Bonus Footage.  Watch Tommy's audtion with us, watch him shower and stroke which earned him the name "Meat".

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Sweet Tommy!