#49 Scene 1: Hit Man Chris, Expert Face Fucker Feeds Mario -

Approx Run Time: 24 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 9


Chris, an expert skull fucker imported from Italy Hits Cock Sucker on Call Mario! Mario from DVD #47 with Traffic Jam Joey makes a return to service Chris.  In this scene they hang out on the bed and talk while Mario feels Chris’s body and shows some admiration.  When Chris is ready, the pants come off, and his big uncut Italian dick is shoved in Mario’s face.

 Chris shows his dominance when he tells Mario who was kneeling down in front of him to “Open your mouth” and spits in his mouth then shoves his dick down Mario’s throat for a “hit man” throat fuck.  Chris is very verbal, with his Italian accent and deep masculine voice he gags Mario until he blows a thick creamy load in his mouth.

We call him "Hit Man Chris" for a reason, he knows what he wants, takes it and offers no aplogies and does it again to Red Face Stan.

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I LOVE this movie...simple as that. I have watched the first scene of this movie so many times I think I wore out my first DVD player! Chris is/was one of the best crew members. I loved the interview...please keep the interviews Carlo. I don't think Chris needed any instructions on what to do. He knew Mario was puddy in his hands and it shows! I love this type of dominance and wanted more. My favorite parts are just about the whole scene. From Chris taunting Mario with his sexual arrogance to Chris telling Mario to undress him to Chris slapping Mario in the face to Chris face-fucking Mario....the spitting on his face was priceless. The second scene was great too, don't get me wrong but Part 1 was my favorite.