#49 Scene 2: Expert Skull Fucker Hitman Chris, Hits Stanley! -

Approx Run Time: 18 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 8


Imported from Italy and speaking broken English, Chris has no language barrier when it comes to knowing what he wants and taking it! The Crew member I named "Hit Man Chris" s Hits Stanley! Stan, The Man!  This is your first introduction to a guy who has been a loyal follower for years and who has secretly supported our organization from the other side of the camera. 

When we first posted Chris’s to the blog, Stan was intrigued and wanted to meet him.  I set that up and brought the cameras.  Again, Chris got right to it, with Stan kneeling before him on the sofa, he feels Chris’s bulge through his Dolce & Cabana underwear.  Then he raised his leg and shoves his feet in Stan’s mouth for some foot worship.  Chris followed his feet with his raging hard-on and on demand told Stan “Suck my dick cocksucker!” Again, Chris hits another with a skull and face fuck, laying Stan down with his head hanging over the sofa so he can get all, and I mean ALL of his fat uncut Italian dick down Stan’s throat!

Chris Flips him around, up and down and grabs Stan by both sides of his head while he face fucks him and strokes off a thick cum shot to his face and mouth saying “You like my cum bitch!”  “I bet you do!” 

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Comments: 2

Nothing like a verbal top. Love this. It would be hot to see you dominate this guy, Carlo.
Great to see Stan who also appears in "Christmas Wish 20009" among other great Muscle Mafia scenarios. A real good brother who gets the concept behind what Carlo has created here and has the chance to show how a straight married guy can enjoy the eroticism of exploring male sexuality. Here he has an awesome one-on-one with Italian stud Chris who rightfully earns his reputation as a "Master of the Face Fuck". Stan dives right into worshiping Chris's cock with an abandon and sense of submission that shows he is ready to do whatever is necessary to make this stud feel good. He gets on bended knee and starts to work knowing in that very moment the only thing of significance in his universe is Chris's thick schlong ~ not the wife, not the job, not any form of stress ~ just the pleasure of knowing he' s in a safe place to live out the need to admire and service another straight bro's cock! Chris isn't shy about letting Stan know EXACTLY what he wants and how he likes it. In true UNSCRIPTED Muscle Mafia style, stud Chris firmly tells Stan "move your hands off my cock......just use your mouth to take care of that dick!". Stan doesn't miss a beat and takes the instruction to heart but he has no idea what hits him when Chris stands up and grabs him by the head and jackhammers his prick in and out of Stan's mouth as if it were a tight pussy. I am always turned on and amazed by the exceptional visual skills of the Boss in all these scenes and here there is also more of that to be witnessed. When Stan knows Chris is going to empty his nuts, he keeps his face close to that hard shaft and as Chris strokes, Stan's mouth opens and his tongue wags longingly ~ hungry for that cum load. The Boss captures this most erotic and intimate of exchanges between two straight guys ~ an intense feeding and a satisfied pair of bros.