#48 Scene 2: Brad's Muscle Milk in a Jar (Special Request) -

Approx Run Time: 12 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 10


Cock Milking Muscle Mafia Style! Richard, aka Rich is a very loyal supporter of The Crew and has been generous to Brad and instrumental in getting him motivated and started here through donations to the muscle fund. Rich asked for some private videos, some gear and this little scene from Brad. He thinks Brad is a stud that should be milked, bottled and duplicated... Brad loves that! This was filmed for him and he decided to allow us to share it with you. So, thank Rich for funding this one motivating Brad to milk himself into a jar. He also asked for some very close ass shots of Brad jacking on his knees and bending his cock back.

After a long and tiring shoot the previous night, Brad got up and cranked out a nice load right into the jar for Rich.  Brad moved around the room, greasing up his 9x7 and the harder it got the more into it he got, and the more turned on he got knowing that he was about to jerk off and collect his super sperm for an admiring and very generous fan.

After Filming: Later in the day Brad admitted doing this scene was hot as hell and he laughed that cumming has taken on a whole new meaning ever since he became a member of the crew!  I laughed and said, "Yeah my man, you think twice now before wasting a load, they're worth something now!"

See Brad's First Shower, First Cock Show and First cum ever filmed in 48-1 Brad, Hung and Tall and see the impressive portfolio of photos and films he has built and continues to build with us.

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That view from behind is amazing! Need... more... Brad!