#48 Scene 1: Big Brad Hung and Tall, Stroking his 9x7 -

Approx Run Time: 21 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 12


48-1 Big Brad’s First Cock Show, His Audition!  Big in every way and every sense of the word, at 6'7" and 270 pounds of muscle, Brad or "Big Brad" as I (Carlo) call him makes his Muscle Mafia Debut. Necessity is the mother of invention, and as Brad needs to pay some bills he quickly learns the concept of muscle worship and alpha-male domination. A powerful presence manifests into a monster as filming with us reveals a dark side to Brad even he didn't know he had. Since Brad began with us he has become one of our most developed and most motivated crew members! Next to Matt, Adam and myself, Brad and his catalog of movies are among our Most Watched and Best Selling films, and for good reason.

This is Brad's warm up to our cameras that became his first scene with us, his audition and his first cock show; his body, attitude, voice and of coarse his cock got a great response. 6'7" tall, size 14 feet and a 9x7 big veiny dick is what he wants to cash in on.

He shows it all to you in what is a tease to everything else we have filmed with him and will be filming. He has been bitten by The Muscle Mafia and The Muscle Worship bug. Brad has worked hard to be a featured crew member and work closely with me. This scene is video of a nervous virgin straight muscle jock in his first cock display for gay / bi-sexual men. This was shot before he became famous here as "Big Brad"

Donations to The Muscle Fund in his name got his attention, so check him out and see what this eager big boy is packing. "Show me the money, and I will show you everything!" he said; and so far he has.

Brad earns his name "Big Brad" as he first showers, soaps.  The camera turns on and almost instantly so does Brad, watch his cock bounce as it fills with blood and he tries, but fails to control his boner. Then he dries off and has you follow him to the sofa where he relaxes and works up a full raging hard-on into the 9x7 monster he is not shy to show you.

I just let Brad go with it; I let him be himself and let his boner and ego take over.  Before he knew it, he was rolling on instinct, but my instinct told me this is exactly what was going to happen. "You wanna see my big dick cum" he says. "Wanna watch someone suck on my big dick" "You wanna choke on it". With a little coaching from me behind the camera, being a cocky, dominant muscle god just came naturally for him and I can relate! He cums on his abs and rubs it into his skin!

That was then!  4 years later, Brad has built an impressive resume of films and photographs with us, he has fully explored his sexuality and has gotten to know himself better than he ever thought he would, and so have you.  See it all, watch them all and watch how he has improved and transformed right in fromt of my cameras and your eyes! I have created monster no doubt, and Im proud of it!

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Comments: 3

Brad is under the impression that his dick of death is his best asset. I would respectfully disagree. That deep, sexy voice and nonstop talking /teasing/motivating is much hotter. A dick is a dick is a dick, and they can all be replaced with a 2-for-1 sale on cucumbers at the Piggly Wiggl. But atty-tude? (as they say in Philly) Atty-tude and the chiseled hot body to go with it are what sells this beefsteak to this Leatherneck. I'd LOVE TO EARN some time, sweat, piss, and load from him someday!
he is like my boyfriend, hugs from mx
Brad, you are a fucking god! You cock is a fucking baseball bat