#47, Joey Feeds Mario -

Approx Run Time: 33 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 44


This is #47 with Joey, aka: "Traffic Jam Joey" and Mario a site fan, worshipper and cock sucker who loves to service straight muscle jocks. This is the same Mario who Milked Brad into a jar and froze it for later, and the same Mario who got face fucked by Hit Man Chirs.

When Mario first read our blog about Joey joining the crew and then saw him in his cock shows at The Beach House he drooled at the thought of giving Joey the attention and service he deserves.

Mario got that chance in this film when he met with Joey and our camera for a private muscle worship session. The night began with a few drinks and some small talk, then Joey did some posing as Mario felt his biceps and chest.  Then Joey’s shirt came off and like a good worshipper Mario fell to his knees to take orders from Joey. This meeting developed into cock sucking, ass eating and a cum shot in Mario's eye before he was fed the rest of Joey's quality load.

Cum Burns...when it gets shot in your eye, did you know that? A Brilliant cum shot from our boy Joey, we are proud of him here, BAM! his first thick shot flew from his cock right into Mario’s right eye!!  (Nice Aim Joey!) The cum kept spitting as Mario, now blinking and watching through 1 eye took the rest in his mouth and sucked every drop from Joey, again thanking him for the blessing; as he should!

More Traffic Jam Joey:  See his Photos and Movie Resume for everything with Traffic Jam Joey!


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Comments: 2

I absolutely love Joey. He's got it all...right amount of attitude, right amount of confidence, right amount of cockiness, right amount of everything! Oh the things I would do to that beautiful, beautiful man haha!
I bought this on DVD years ago, and it's hands down the best adult movie I've ever seen. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten off to it. Joey has a perfect body, and a confident, cocky attitude that's a huge turn on. The back story about how he was just a straight guy that Carlo met in a traffic jam on a beach trip is also a turn on. I love that Mario spent a lot of time feeling Joey's perfect pecs and licking his nipples. I would've liked a little more ass grabbing, but otherwise, great movie. Please tell me that there are more Joey scenes in the vault ready to be released...