46 Christmas Wish 2008: We all Piss on Mike, Use him like a Toilet -

Approx Run Time: 63 Minutes

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What a Fucking Night!...In our previous version of our online theaters, this film #46 Christmas Wish 2008 was sold separately by the scene.  Mainly because at first the only scene offered and most requested online was scene 46-1, the brutal piss scene.  That was to be expected since Mike's Christmas Wish was to be used like a toilet for the crew all night.  But by further demand the other scenes were then released online at a later date.   The 3rd scene however, and the drama that unfolds in that scene is directly related to scene 1 so, here it is  #46 Christmas Wish 2008, We All Piss on Mike, Use him like a toilet and Cum Dump, in full from start to finish.  This was the one that started the Christmas Wish Tradition, we have filmed one every year since 2008.

46-1 We All Piss on Mike, use him like a toilet:  This is the crazy and off the hook piss scene from from this flick. This is why they are calling me Santa. Mike wrote us with a wish list for Christmas and I made it happen, this was one item on that list and he got more then he thought.  We assembled myself, Matt, new cummer JC and Tommy "Meat" for our Muscle Mafia Christmas party. We set up a small bar stocked with liquor and gallons of water, after almost 2 hours of partying and drinks (a lot of water mostly) JC could not hold it any more and the scene began. We laid Mike down in the tub, told him to stay there and JC dropped his first bladder full. Then as the party continued in the other room, Mike waited there until we all had to go again, and again; one after the other we all lined up and unloaded pissed all over him.  He drank it, got in on his face, in his hair, and soaked on his clothes.  He lay there for over an hour to an hour in a half in a tub full of our jock piss as the party went on in the other room; and he couldn't have been happier.  But before we were ready to now dump our loads on him we definitely asked Mike to shower.  A shower didn't much, as you will see and hear in scene 3 when JC can't take it anymore. 

46-2 Tommy Gives Mike A facial: With his 9x7 big fat cock Tommy cock slaps Mike, but not before he kicks back, takes his boots off and makes him worship his size 13 feet and big toes. Then, refusing to let Mike touch his cock, Tommy teases him, lays him on the chair and stands over him to aggressively power stroke over Mikes face making him watch and admire his big dick. Then when he feels like it, he creams all over Mikes face, bangs his cock and smears it, gets dressed, thanks him and leaves him for Matt and JC to do the same.

Tommy changed his mind about letting a guy suck his dick in #51, Tommy Worshiped and Seduced, a lotta tequila! A Must see..

46-3 Matt and JC Tag Team use and abuse Mike (Real, Raw, and Unscripted, Drama Happens): What a scene this is! Keep in mind, by the time we got to this scene it had been several hours into the night, Mike was marinated in our piss for over an hour, and now had Tommy's cum crusted on his face and glasses.

Mike's Christmas Wish was to be totally used and abuse by hand picked crew members and he was. Matt and JC strip naked, cock beat Mike, and kick back making him lick feet, suck toes and go from cock to cock until Matt lays him on the floor and Batter-Blasts him with his famous Muscle Matt sperm bath. Then JC FLIPS OUT on how disgusting Mike smelled and the behind the scenes drama unfolds... 

Bonus Footage With Audio, "The Call" The Day After: The whirlwind that has become one of our most watched movies and the one that created a demand for A Christmas Wish every year, actually carried over into the next day.  I gave JC a call to make sure he was all good from the night before and recorded the call for all of you.  The audio from "The Call" is part of this film.  JC talks about the night's events and what set him off, and we both laugh our asses off!  Listen to it! 

Ya can't make this shit up, its just "The Life" in The Muscle Mafia.

 This movie, and all the Christmas Wish Movies are a part of The Christmas Wish Collection, a bundle that includes all Christmas Wish movies and scenes since the tradition started. Save 50%

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The Craftmansnship, time dedication loyalty And discretion is an orgasm in itself. behind the masks are if not one of the most questionable unanswered things we may never be able to know such as asking does god exist. well I think the answers we are looking for don't lie behind the masks there already present there for us to see in front of us all to see, when I see the boss or carlo in any video its like im transported through a loop hole or vortex in time. I go into a dirty sweaty hot sauna state of mind. my whole life stops and all that my brains thoughts can think are musclematt and the only mere thoughts of what possibly there semen may taste like. nothing more than candy I bet. thanks guys for all your hard work and time you take to make these epic Christmas wishes your work sure doesn't go un-noticed.
JC great guy, lots of fun! He did great in this film, but it was his only one. He just didn't catch on, but was perfect for this film at the time; I knew it and he knew it. Thanks for the comment!
Did JC ever come back? He's crazy hot -body is plenty hot enough - it's his straightness and regular jock thing that works so well. Is he still in?
I want to be that guy soooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!! T_T
Staying properly hydrated for piss scenes is the hardest part of both piss porn AND Marine Corps boot camp, isn't it Gentlemen?