#45 Soldier Salutes Adam, Soaks His Balls In Listerine -

Approx Run Time: 54 Minutes

The Buddy System

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Our "Soldier Salutes Series" is among our Most Watched online movies and best selling DVDs. Leo a true U.S Soldier who followed us on the Internet while in Iraq returned to the states and got in touch with us. That was when the first of The Soldier Salutes series was filmed. #38 Scene1: A Soldier Salutes Matt and #38 Scene 2 A Soldier Salutes Carlo flew off the shelves on DVD when it was first released. When those scenes were released online to The Theaters, they were and still are equally as popular; however the final film in the Soldier Salutes Series, #45 A Soldier Salutes Adam remained only available on DVD until now!

When Leo got called back to active duty in the Middle East, he made a few calls and I (Carlo) was one of them. He wanted another go-around with one of our crew members and this time he choose Adam! Having seen Adam get eaten Alive by Billy in #37, Leo’s plan of attack was to out-do Billy and relax Adam so he could push some limits. Mission accomplished and our cameras where there to capture almost 3 hours of intense muscle worship edited down to 1 full action packed hour. Leo took a face dive into Adam’s ass with his tongue, and then began using his fingers to stretch Adam. Leo sucked Adam's cock and balls working his prostate so he could receive a blessing and a facial from Adam.  Leo wanted to taste his sweet muscle load. (These were Leo’s words not mine).

As always the movie opens with a hand-shake and some small talk which lead to a full body massage. Leo uses his hands and his mouth to work every inch of Adam's body, cock and low hanging bull balls. Leo fucked with Adam's senses sucking and licking everything from the tip of his pre-cumming dick, down to his big nut sack and under to his ass hole. Leo worked Adam's ass raw with his tongue and his fingers and made the best of his last time on film with us for a while.

Minty Menthol Numb Bull Balls! Then Leo got creative in a scene we are called "Mint" He took a small bowl from the bathroom, filled it with Green Listerine mouth-wash and soaked Adam's balls in it dipping his famous low hanging bull balls in and out as a mild ball torture and burn. Now numb, Leo continues to stuff Adam's balls in his mouth, suck his dick and eat his ass spreading the listerine and the numbing sensation everywhere. The concept worked and it worked up a massive load from Adam that he blessed Leo with, all over his face and in his mouth. It looked like Leo was splattered with whip cream.

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Comments: 5

Ok..so I finally found my go-to wanker video. This has everything I love. Face-sitting, ass eating, smother me to death with beautiful buns.If I were ever to be asked to be in a MM film, I'd request to be this soldier hungrily feasting on Adam's ass. Fucking great, I'll watch this over and over. Thanks Carlo.
Great kink, service, etc. Adam is a man worthy of worship. Why didn't Leo eat that great load? He wiped it off his face and onto his shirt. Such disrespect!!!
One of the best worship scenes online. Adam has a perfect body and it is great seeing him worshipped, which he seems to enjoy!
Let me state it plainly....Adam is an incredibly HOT straight guy! .....one of the hottest finds resulting from Carlo's extraordinary eye. There is good reason for his being an "audience favorite" and one of the buds whose movies are among the "Most Watched". He brings a smoldering intensity and charisma to all of his scenes and in the encounters where he gets on all fours to offer up his smooth bubblebutt to another straight bro we all know he is living out his desire to worship his buddy by letting him have a hard fuck in that tight jock pussy. One of the scenarios which will be an off the chart seller would be if Carlo let's Big Brad bang Adam balls deep with his near 10 inch schlong ~ now *that* would be a great Christmas Wish! In this HOT scene we get to see Adam worshiped by a straight military man Leo who clearly adores the guys of the Muscle Mafia ~ witness the awesome blow job he gives to Carlo in an earlier scene. For this hot film Leo also brings his soldier's diligence and focus on getting the mission accomplished. Nothing is hotter than watching the muscled soldier eat Matt's ass way deep and with a hunger that says "bro I'm gonna earn my soldier stripes and put my tongue so far up your muscle ass it'll make you squirt huge!". Matt doesn't have to do anything but enjoy the worship that a guy like him deserves. True to form as Leo lays on his back with mouth wide open, Adam's legendary low-hanging bull nut sac blasts thick ropes [whatever Adam eats......he's pretty healthy and potent!].....and Leo being the good soldier eats up! At the end of the scene we get a vision of a potential sequel ~ Leo stroking a huge cock, takes control of Matt's smooth round jock ass, fingering his hole as if it were a cunt the soldier is waiting to bang. Matt responds by allowing Leo to finger him deep.....maybe Matt will get a chance to take straight military prick up the ass.....and say "yes Sir!"