#44-2 Matt Pounds Craig, His Return to The Beach House -

Approx Run Time: 17 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 21


Craig returns for a pounding from your favorite "boy next door" power top and big shooter, MuscleMatt!  Matt with his trademark smooth good looks and colgate toothpaste smile could charm just about anyone.  But, as those rare, but lucky select Matt admirers now know its not only his razor sharp cuts, emerald green eyes or bright white smile that made them melt it is his very HARD 8 inch, perfectly shaped, slightly bent upward dick that makes both men and women squirm and cum hard; it hits their spot.

The hottest part about it is that Matt is so quiet about it, you don't see him coming but when he slowly goes in you watch as their bodies tense up, then go limp with pure extasy.  I say this because I have been filming Matt fucking for years and all say the same thing; notice how is dick is shaped almost like a medical tool designed just for making men and women cum...true stud head to toe!

Tonight it's Craig's lucky night! On his second and final visit to The Beach House Matt and Craig start out on the front porch, having a few drinks and listening to the ocean.  Then, the party moves upstairs to a bed room where Craig again sucks Matt and edges him to uncontrollable levels.  Craig also slips in a little ass eating tongue action when he goes from Matt’s big balls and licks his ass.

Then the rubber goes on, the lube goes on and Matt goes on to power fuck Craig.  First Craig has to ease Matt’s big dick in by sitting on it.  Craig moans and groans, his toes curl as Matt pounds away at him, flipping him from his back, to his side and then on all fours.  Matt goes deep, grabbing him by his shoulders and ramming his muscle cock as deep as he can.  Craig yells “fuck me, oh my god this is so good!”  Then Matt Pulls out, throws off the rubber and blows a MuscleMatt power cum shot all over Craig’s back.

Like the “expert” he is, Craig jerks off while he sucks the remaining muscle cum from Matt’s cock.  “Thanks man, thanks for stopping by”, Matt replies.

We sent Craig home and then went out to a local summer hot spot by the beach.

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Comments: 3

Like to see more raw/condom-free with creampie too.
Just finished watching...don't know where to start. Matt never disappoints! His body, voice and the way he moves is just so sexy. Definitely a guy of my dreams!
Wow, Matt is perfection, don't know what got me off more, his dick, the hard core pounding he gave this bitch or just watching muscle matt move while fucking, watching every ripple and cut flex and see his vascularity get more intense as he fucked! GODDAMN!